Friday, November 8, 2013

Color Made Easy

A wonderful beach house for a wonderful family is  featured in Meredith's current  Special interest publication called COLOR ME EASY. I love the photographs Richard Leo Johnson took of the house for the article.
An even greater thing... it is also going to be on the Jane Coslick Holiday  Tour fundraiser for the Humane you can experience it in "living color".
Try to come on the tour and help the animals and enjoy our quirky little island and these  quirky little (and big) island cottages. They are all different  and have never  been on the tour before.
Here are the pictures from the magazine. There are some wonderful and colorful  houses featured in this issue.,
 I was in the checkout lane at Lowe"s and just happened to pick up a magazine while wanting for my turn. What a surprise…it made my day!!! I am not crazy about the colors they pick for each page….but if you love the rooms and  have any questions just email me.
 NOTE: if you love a color in a photograph ,or your friends house, or on the Internet..have a sample made for your own space and paint it on the wall in a 4'x4' section..look at it day and night( artificial light tends to made colors more pale and washed out.

The view…and the Joe barstools….the deep blue sea is front and center and mesmerizing …all my happy colors is the site for the tour and link to buy tickets.

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