Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Power of Pillows

As a designer, I try to create fun and unique things that are interesting and cost effective. A throw pillow makes a great statement  and the money invested can be minimal...(over over the top expensive)
A pillow can change a room.
A pillow can be the point of focus
Pillows are very important on daybeds for support.
Pillows can change so much easier than paint, wallpaper and furniture.
I personally use pillows to keep the focus on the positive and away from the negative
I am busy working on the new cottages for the upcoming tour for the Humane Society December 7th.Information and tickets sales information are at  www.tybeefun.com
I am donating pillows to the Humane Society so they can buy toys and blankets for the animals this winter.
Some pillow covers will be on sale at one of the cottages.. The.Blue Bird Inn.

Sometime events happen in one's life that puts things in a different perspective.
I am doing some shedding.. so drop by the pillow party...There will be pillow covers  and cottage books for sale. 

. I always recommend down inserts for pillow because they make the pillow conform to you and not make you want to throw them out of your way....They do however have to be fluffed from time to time.

the palm tree  euro shams are made from a shower curtain MY favorite pillows is in the center

day beds are like sofas..if you use enough pillows for support
(this is my happy place in Colorado)

a daybed can have lots of pillows( a basket near by for the pillows to rest in while it is being used as a bed)

a pillow made from a table cloth (Athropologie)

a mix of pillow textures for interest

this room with it's pillows is magic and you can sleep here if you want to www.tybeecottages.com
I use the tub at my office for storage of pillows recognize any of these?
pillows and paintings ..a great combination
a mix of colors and fabrics and great art!!!

a mix of colors on a white background

I look forward to seeing everyone on the tour. There are new and different cottage this year...

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