Saturday, September 29, 2012

My 500th Post.. Giveaway

I cant believe this is my 500th post on blogger. It is an amazing experience and so I am doing "500th POST Giveaway" of the  Collection of Jane Coslick Colors and a stripe throw pillow that just happen to have 4 of these colors.
Color is good for the soul..and  happy colors are good for the spirit!

I ran across this letter today and decided to post it for this special occasion. I love my clients and I always learn a bit from each of them.

Here is a  letter I wrote  to my first offical client. ( She ran across it several years ago and gave it back to me to read)

I was never a big fan of orange but my client loved it.... and look at me now.. I even love pink and orange together!!!

 The "horse" refers to a iron carousel horse that I wanted to put in the family room that was outside on her deck. At first she thought I was crazy, then she decided maybe it was an interesting thing to add  to the space... it made the room fantanstic!!!

In design, being open to new/different ideas is what makes rooms and homes unique and special. It's not about doing a room around  "what is in"( like grey walls or linen headboards), It's  about doing a  room for the person that is going to be using it everyday and enjoying it every minute.
I guess it is more of that " thinking outside the box" thing.

My give away pillow fabric.....pinks and orange greens and a touch  of blue and turquoise
An example of the fabric used on a standard sham on a twin bed..with a cottage collection  shutter head board and a different fish cut out painted Tybee Tan.( we named it that way..Every had a spray tan or used self tanning and you turn out orange?) Trust me... that is something you  would  hate!!!!

 The Giveaway...............pillow cover with zipper and collection of  Colors  ENJOY!!!

the cottage collection colors in the fabric

 Drop me  your thougths on what you love about your house  by 5 pm EST on the  10th of October.  At that time I will draw the winner of the  " The 500th Post  Giveaway."

Happy Colors!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Project in Ardsley Park

I have worked on this wonderful house ( Did a Christmas gift fluff on  the living room) in the past and now it is time for a updating.....
I love being a Birthday present or a wedding present especially when it is a  surprise!
beautiful original windows
A tiny but cozy screen porch

I love this arbor

and the back yard deck and swing

Pottery barn outdoor curtains are great and last a long time

the path from the back yard to the  front.....

We will be shopping for rugs and a  headboard and front foyer piece and fun fabrics . We have a budget but that just makes it more interesting .The client wants a new island in the kitchen and a black and white theme for the space.
We have two great Bellamy pieces of art to work with and so I will share the  finished photos when it is complete.....
We painted the guestroom a shade of purple/grape . Ben Moore 1447 Amethyst Sky . Her bed linens, the softest shade of aqua ( Anthropologie)  look SO great with it.
Painted the master bed room and office Ben Moore White Water 2120-60. The two colors look great next to each other as you enter the hallway.
Stay tuned!!!.


Monday, September 24, 2012

What I Love About Dausfuskie Island...

Daufuski is a world of it's own...
Island Living Daufuskie Style is wonderful.!!!!!The island is located in SC and from Tybee Island it 45 minutes by boat.  

Artist and islands..go together..........

the great pottery for sale on Daufuskie


not much to do but RELAX and EXPLORE ( unless you golf) 
a beautiful cemetery on the island ..I love this place!
boat life is very important when you live on an island surrounded by water..NO BRIDGE

how about a nap in a hammock on a big porch

the island drips of history at every turn

the  History of Island Life

transportation carts.. no bridges  very few cars....

green and gorgeous

one of the newer docks

waiting to sail...

Island Decor

left from the past

the mother in law suite

The shrimp boats are a coming'...............
the new dock.....

the old graves...

Old Oaks

oh yes, this is real!!!!

Love this!!!!

the latest in crab trap furniture!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

To Create Outside The Box.......

  First ..Thank you for your positive and heart warming words for my kitties.............

This week I have some serious "BUDGET FLUFFING " to do . When the budget is tough, the creative juices really get a workout!
Over the years, when I restore a cottage most of the money is spent on the  plumbing ,AC/heat, electrical , paint , insulation and usually a roof. When it comes to the "fun part"...the money is limited so many of the cottages  are created "outside the box"......Using materials in unusual ways and buying things that are absolute bargains. Once I bought 12 twin bed skirts because the fabric was bright and they were practically giving them away.

I have some serious work on 3 I looked thru my old images for some ideas.
Cottage design is more casual but most of the ideas can be expanded upon and used in many situations. Tybee is funky and fun.. No serious designs needed here.

taking a bed skirt that you bought on markdown.. cutting it into a no sew valance

using an odd shutter for a valance and taking a full sized double bead and making two by screwing the headboard and foot board to the wall

creating a sitting area from a old desk and odd stools

faking a headboard
a curtain rod from a bamboo rod and deer antlers

adding an odd light  fixture on a blank wall....just for interest

making a curtain rods out of tree branch

adding fun color..paint is cheaper than most things
                              (Richard Leo Johnson photography)

adding some ball fringe to anything 

making closet "doors" from a fun shower curtain

making a lamp from something

mixixng and not matching the lamps and shades to created something interesting

making pillow and slipcovers from seriouly discounted sets of sheets

creating a light fixture from white party light
close up
creating a kitchen cabinet from old shutters
I will be seriously digging into my bag of tricks and my storage unit.
A little fluffing is good for the soul..............