Sunday, September 16, 2012

To Create Outside The Box.......

  First ..Thank you for your positive and heart warming words for my kitties.............

This week I have some serious "BUDGET FLUFFING " to do . When the budget is tough, the creative juices really get a workout!
Over the years, when I restore a cottage most of the money is spent on the  plumbing ,AC/heat, electrical , paint , insulation and usually a roof. When it comes to the "fun part"...the money is limited so many of the cottages  are created "outside the box"......Using materials in unusual ways and buying things that are absolute bargains. Once I bought 12 twin bed skirts because the fabric was bright and they were practically giving them away.

I have some serious work on 3 I looked thru my old images for some ideas.
Cottage design is more casual but most of the ideas can be expanded upon and used in many situations. Tybee is funky and fun.. No serious designs needed here.

taking a bed skirt that you bought on markdown.. cutting it into a no sew valance

using an odd shutter for a valance and taking a full sized double bead and making two by screwing the headboard and foot board to the wall

creating a sitting area from a old desk and odd stools

faking a headboard
a curtain rod from a bamboo rod and deer antlers

adding an odd light  fixture on a blank wall....just for interest

making a curtain rods out of tree branch

adding fun color..paint is cheaper than most things
                              (Richard Leo Johnson photography)

adding some ball fringe to anything 

making closet "doors" from a fun shower curtain

making a lamp from something

mixixng and not matching the lamps and shades to created something interesting

making pillow and slipcovers from seriouly discounted sets of sheets

creating a light fixture from white party light
close up
creating a kitchen cabinet from old shutters
I will be seriously digging into my bag of tricks and my storage unit.
A little fluffing is good for the soul..............


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I would take your creative ingenuity over bing in a box any day Jane! Lovely lighthearted fun that goes the distance.

beachcomber said...

you are very clever! i love all your fun ideas.

tammy j said...

i'd say YOU are back too! not just
sweet girl!
your happy inspiring goodness never fails to delight.

Anonymous said...

welcome to blogland...discovered your site via House of Turquoise and look forward to lots of pretty posts

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

So happy to have discovered your blog! I am a fan of all things cottage style. Can't wait to discover more!

LeslieW said...

All I can say is "Why doesn't my brain work like that???" Brilliant ideas.

BeachGypsy said...

Greetings from Charleston, Jane! Loving all the new ideas I am seeing on this post! Also a big congrats on your features in the Cottage Book, that is fantastic!
I am so loving the rick rack curtain (that is a shower curtain??!) and the old Coke sign with the old 40s style fan. I am so glad your missing kitty showed up too! What a scare to have her gone! I bet she is so glad to be back amongst her friends and getting treats and love! Well we cant wait to get back to Tybee!!--we visited this summer and fell in love with it! Loved all the cottages (we saw many of yours!), and the pier and the swings on the beach! It had such a small town beach town feel, a great family place.

Unknown said...

Cant access my blog...dont know what is wrong. any thoughts? said...

I love all of these cottage looks! Absolutely gorgeous!

I discovered your blog through house of turquoise and I am your newest follower.