Saturday, September 29, 2012

My 500th Post.. Giveaway

I cant believe this is my 500th post on blogger. It is an amazing experience and so I am doing "500th POST Giveaway" of the  Collection of Jane Coslick Colors and a stripe throw pillow that just happen to have 4 of these colors.
Color is good for the soul..and  happy colors are good for the spirit!

I ran across this letter today and decided to post it for this special occasion. I love my clients and I always learn a bit from each of them.

Here is a  letter I wrote  to my first offical client. ( She ran across it several years ago and gave it back to me to read)

I was never a big fan of orange but my client loved it.... and look at me now.. I even love pink and orange together!!!

 The "horse" refers to a iron carousel horse that I wanted to put in the family room that was outside on her deck. At first she thought I was crazy, then she decided maybe it was an interesting thing to add  to the space... it made the room fantanstic!!!

In design, being open to new/different ideas is what makes rooms and homes unique and special. It's not about doing a room around  "what is in"( like grey walls or linen headboards), It's  about doing a  room for the person that is going to be using it everyday and enjoying it every minute.
I guess it is more of that " thinking outside the box" thing.

My give away pillow fabric.....pinks and orange greens and a touch  of blue and turquoise
An example of the fabric used on a standard sham on a twin bed..with a cottage collection  shutter head board and a different fish cut out painted Tybee Tan.( we named it that way..Every had a spray tan or used self tanning and you turn out orange?) Trust me... that is something you  would  hate!!!!

 The Giveaway...............pillow cover with zipper and collection of  Colors  ENJOY!!!

the cottage collection colors in the fabric

 Drop me  your thougths on what you love about your house  by 5 pm EST on the  10th of October.  At that time I will draw the winner of the  " The 500th Post  Giveaway."

Happy Colors!!!!


Pink Princess said...

What I love about my home is the sala outside. A SALA is a Thai open small building out in the open ( a field or near a small road) where people can sit and chat, wait till the ain or sun is gone ec. I hav a small one in my backyard and I plan to make it my special outdoor retreat soon. Love my whole home but the sala was a big added bonus :)

Kathi said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for having such a great give-a-way! :D
I'm renting a house on a hill in Birmingham. All of the walls are beige. I would LOVE to paint but am not sure my landlady would like that?
It does have hardwood floors, lots of windows and a nice deck off my craft room. I have no neighbors behind me so I have a great view, especially in the winter when the trees are bare. I love the cottage finds I have collected over the years. I love paint too. This is how I had some "Jane Coslick" color to my home. I have LOTS of beachy accessories and art. My dream is to live ON the beach in a real beach cottage! I enjoy reading your blog and have found so much inspiration here! Someday, I want a house with your fantastic shutters!
This pillow would look GREAT on my bed or on my woven rattan chair in the living room. :D
Thanks for sharing your designs!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I live in a suburban house near Toronto so it isn't really anything too special, but I like the kitchen which I painted white and gray a few years ago. It is a small kitchen so is very efficient and is open to the dining room so there is good conversation able to happen. I also how like cozy our living room as it is only 13x13 which is the perfect dimensions for a room in my mind. The furniture was easy to arrange and we have our favourite art in there and some built-in bookshelves filled with books.

Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway. I adore the cottages and homes you decorate and it is a dream of mine to come and stay in a Tybee Island cottage one day for a holiday.

FloridaBird said...

Hi, Jane. I know you don't remember, but I met you outside what I think was your first cottage on Tybee. I was peeking in, and you were kind enough to let me walk through. Kindred spirits who love old houses!

I am about to move into a rented house that needs a real makeover. I love the sunny space and the terrazzo floors, but it needs some COLOR! Since its a rental, the color will have to come from the furnishings--painted furniture and rugs.

Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog and congrats!

Connie/FL said...

We are currently in the midst of selling a house in Ohio and purchasing one in FL. I love the spaciousness and kitchen in Ohio. In FL, first and foremost, I love the pool and screened area but also love the openness and light. I am looking forward to making it my style and will be borrowing a lot of your ideas. I love color and currently this house is sadly lacking in that.

elisa said...

What I love most about my house is that it backs onto a forest. I spend as much of my free time in my back yard as possible. It's quiet and peaceful. I have a swing on the deck and I sip my coffee and swing away!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Congrats! on your 500th post. We just purchased a home in Wilmington NC and are moving from MD.
The thing I love most about our new house is the natural light that seems to warm up the whole house.
I also love the cottage bead board like detail on the interior and exterior doors

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 500th post; that's quite and accomplishment! You have a wonderful blog full of inspiring ideas! I have a home on the water and I love it. The colors of the Gulf sky is my inspiration. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

Tery H said...

Hey Jane! Congratulations on your 500th post- I enjoyed so many of them. What I love about my house is that although I have a lot of neutral (mostly whites, creams and tan) I have a bunch if turquoise everywhere. Dish towels, bowls, colander in the kitchen, towels in the bathrooms, a desk chair in the office, accent furniture pieces here & there and wonderful paintings of marshes and landscapes. What I wouldn't do for a Bellamy original!

Thanks so much for the chance at the giveaway. What I wouldn't do for a Jane Coslick!

Tery in Annapolis

Dixie Delights said...

Congrats Jane! I'd love to win your giveaway!! As for what I love about my house... I LOVE the character in my 44 year old home - the molding, the trees, the doors. I LOVE that I've been able to bring my love of Savannah and Tybee to Atlanta through decor. And I LOVE that my husband and I have so many dreams for this house. xo

Leslie M. said...

Congratulations! I love your blog and your work! My house is 11 years old now and we love it! I try to incorporate your feel in my house but living in the city the bright colors seem off to me! To me they are beach colors and I would love to own a beach house one day! Then I would have all your colors in it!
Take care, here's to your next 500 posts!

Martha said...

I love the location. My house is a fairly simple "beach house layout" on stilts, but what makes it fantastic is that we are 440 feet from the Wakulla River, with a swamp between us and the water. Fantastic!

Thanks, Jane, for the chance to win. I love your posts and look forward to the next 500.

Kara said...

Because my house has this crazy redish oak everywhere - i was having a hard time figuring out what color to use. I decided to paint the living room a soft blue - it has a touch of grey to it. i feel like it tones down the red in the wood and everything reads very peaceful now.

I love all the cottages you share with us Jane!

Lisa said...

Hi Jane, Congrats on your 500th post!!
You are always an inspiration and someday when I have my own beach cottage on Tybee it will definately have some Jane Coslick touches. In the meantime what I love most about my home right now is how unique some of the furnishings are. I'm not into the "trend" but into the "tradition". The original artwork and furnishings that have value above and beyond any dollar amount. I love things in my home that show character and tell a history, and I have several!! :)

Thanks for all your inspiration and happy colors!!

GoldenValley50 said...

500 posts – what an achievement. Congratulations Jane! Since discovering you (earlier this year) I’m pretty sure I have read (and re-read) each one of those inspirational 500 posts! Such a joy.
What I love about my home? Well, I love that I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Perched high on a hill surrounded by lush rainforest on the Far North Queensland coast. Although I can’t see the ocean from my verandah – I know it is just over a hill in the next valley. I have the best of both worlds.
I love the fact that I have managed to make my home “my own”. It is quintessentially “me”. I haven’t followed trends; I haven’t furnished it with designer furniture; it is not so pristine that I completely freak out when one of our three dogs decides to have a snooze on the end of the bed! It is eclectic, quirky and whimsical (probably a lot like me!) – filled with bits and pieces I have collected (or made) along with some special things that have been passed onto me by family. From the rusty old milk pale at the front door to the old timber rocking horse my father made my son 29 years ago to my grandmother’s sun room setting (which I have upholstered in tropical hibiscus and banana leaf fabric!) – it just shouts “me”. It has taken me a while to feel comfortable with my style. I now no longer feel the need to justify or explain the reason why I have hung a life size canvas of a cheeky cow in my living room or why I have decided to turn a couple of old casement windows into a bedhead – it’s just because “I can”.
Looking forward to your next 500 posts Jane – (and thanks for giving me the confidence to embrace colour and realise that orange and pink DO INDEED work beautifully together!!)

JANET said...

Oh have inspired me so much in those 500 posts! I have dreamed and planned and finally got to put into use COLOR. We finally bought our "almost" beach house(only 7 miles to the beach!) and I have kicked it up to beachy. I love the white walls and bright colors you have inspired in our "almost" to the beach house. I have named her Gull Cottage because I have learned all cottages need a great name.

Leslie-Anne said...

What I love most about my house is that it is full of colour. I have framed three little embroidered Mexican dresses and they are hanging in my living room. My daughters wore them when they were toddlers and I smile every time I see them.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane!
Congrats on 500 posts!! My favorite part of our house is the great room which opens to a large deck! We love the indoor/outdoor living!

Jenntly Juniper said...

Your question has made me ponder why there is not a place in my house I love. I think I need to get some work done around here and fix that problem! However, I am happy to report that I do love our backyard and have large windows that look out on it. One room in particular has some love potential in it, in good part because it looks on the yard. Hmm.

ci said...

I love my house!! All of it, but, today I love my remodeled to MY style kitchen. Lots of turquoise accents and some coral, custom mural, my favorite of everything!!
Makes me smile!!
Happy 500th. P/S love my flamingo room , too. Modeled after one of your Tybee house bedrooms.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I am thinking that i wish you would send my photos of what you love.. I am very curious now and excited about what is your favorite.

Claire O'Connor said...

Happy 500th, Jane! Really, really LOVE your aesthetic -- I think maybe we were separated at birth! My favorite thing about my house is the view of the river, valley and mountains. I also love my Away Room, a quiet space tucked away up under the eaves covered in supersoft carpeting, multicolored pillows, yoga props and meditation cushion!

Dawn said...

I love my house because it is cozy. I also love that it sits up on a hill away from the street(I don't love this part when it comes to mowing)so it seems quiet. I think of my house as my own little beach cottage in Ohio. After I went to Tybee, I felt more of that way. Right now my house is mid-exterior paint job and has some plumbing issues so it is a little hard to love right now.

Jade said...

I love my house because you can see the ocean from my bedroom. I would love some beautiful pillows to match the beauty outside.

cm said...

I love the sunshiny colors of yellow and white with pops of tomato red in my hose. It brings warmth even during cold New England winters. Jane, I love your use of color; you bring happiness to so many houses!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Hi Jane, what I love about my house is that I am located 5 minutes from the Beaufort Bay. I can ride my bike to the historic area and do some shopping on Bay Street. I also love the coastal colors that I have brought into my decor. We live in a small neighborhood of cottages in a very historic area lined with mossy oaks......

cakebake said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love all your colors and they always make me smile! My happy spot is my backyard. We always have a breeze and it's semi-private.

lori_r8 said...

Congrats on your 500th post! What I love most about my home is that we were able to make it our own. We spent about 1 1/2 years living out of our master bedroom (and baby #1 on the way!) but it was all completely worth it because it now functions for us and we could pick all of the colours and finishes! You were an inspiration for many rooms! LOVE!

Vicky said...

Which house? haha...I love my Tybee cottages and although they are not finished I love the possibilities--can't wait to see them finished! I think the thing I love most about my plans for them is the "happy colors".

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