Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lost and Missed.....

Sorry I haven't added the rest of the photos from the book but I have been sad and upset about a missing kitty.
In my life, it seem that animals just show up ..My friends call me a cat magnet.(One day at the  parking garage at the mall a sweet young kitten came to me out of nowhere)
I am really an animal person and appreciate  the t shirt that says" 'The more people I meet the more I love my dog"
I help spay  and neuter dogs and kitties and feed a colony at my cottage. "Sweet  Girl" just showed up several years ago and even though she wasn't one of the "family" I could pick her up and love on her any time. When" 99 steps to the beach" was a vacation rental the guest would write love notes about the kitties and would buy them treats and new bowls every year.
If I would forget and leave the screen door and french door open "Sweet Girl" would crawl up and sleep in the middle of the bed.
I took her to the vet last week and  she had a great checkup. Sadly I forgot to tell them to microchip her and now she is missing.
I am in such a funk worrying about what may have happened to her but I promise I will get back to sharing happy things this coming week.
 PS. The "House without a home " is getting it's new beautiful spot two blocks away ..Thanks Henry and Vicky Patton for caring about saving a cottage on tybee .

 She is like me and hates to have her picture made.

waiting for tuna ..........

hiding from the camera and telling me not to take her picture!!

"Has anyone seen  Sweet Girl?"


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

It is so hard when a beloved animal just vanishes, I hope she comes back soon Jane, though she will never explain where she's been.

tammy j said...

i had a little dog once who was finally very old. she wanted out one day ... and just never came back. i looked and looked. she had never before left our yard.. two and a half acres. somebody told me that old animals often leave when they know they're going to die.
but little sweet girl doesn't look old and you know she was healthy.
hopefully somebody else fell in love with her too and wants to keep her and give her a home.
keep us posted for sure.
heartfelt hugs,
tammy j

Scandi Coast Home said...

Oh Jane,
I really feel for you.
I hope she comes home soon.
Tania xx

GoldenValley50 said...

Gosh - I hope she has turned up. I hate it when my cats go off for a wander. One little trick I use is to tap on a china saucer with a metal teaspoon and call their names. If they are close by (and hungry!) they usually come running.....

Tery H said...

I am so sorry and hoping that she returns to you safe and soon!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Here is hoping that sweet girl is back on your bed in no time!

But you know how it is....Every sweet girl needs to do a little galavanting sometimes! I do believe she will be back...with stories to tell.

You are a rescue angel, you know?

tammy j said...

oh jane.
still no little sweet girl?
i keep checking back hoping against hope for you.
tammy j

Melanie said...

My heart goes out to you... Hopefully she'll come home soon. If not, I know whoever is sharing her with you must love her...She's beauty.... Keep the faith she'll be home.

Kara said...

I hope you find her soon. :(