Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Love Cottage

The Luscious Little Cottage was restored in 2009. It is located next door to my cottage, 99 steps to the beach. I called it 99 1/2 steps because together the two cottages are less than 1500 square feet . It was the home of one of my best friends and we had years of good times together.
When they decided to sell,I had to buy it to protect  it from being torn down.
The Family that now owns it named it OLD LOVE. It will be one of the stars of the Holiday Cottage tour on  December 8th


When I restored it, I decided to paint it pink ..Name of the pink in my cottage collection( Luscious Little Cottage Pink)

funky roof lines

no room for the washer and dryer inside.......SO

created the color from the pink beach lilies that grew in the yard.
Old love is 425 square feet and the ticket booth outside is 220 square feet.

this tiny space was the ticket booth whe the the train was the only way to get to Tybee Island. It is now a bedroom.

the cottage is a happy place
love the tiny window over the kitchen sink

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Denise Marie said...

Jane, you have an amazing vision. Saw your post showing the inside of both buildings. What a wonderful spot you created!