Tuesday, November 20, 2012

400 square feet of Magic!!!

A Tiny simple cottage that touches your soul when you walk thru the door.
art and Tybee Turquoise..and lots of white!!!

a tiny stove....but it can cook the turkey!!!

one big room with wall dividers
and  a beautiful Bellamy oyster painting

pocket windows and more great art

the bar   for "bed and breakfast"

tiny shells with Tybee Turquoise
the guest room in ticket boot

a tiny table makes for the island and extra counter space

A Tiny beach house helping to raise money for a spay and neuter clinicwww.tybeefun.com. Come see it in person.......
You can also sleep there if you would like to... Contact Mermaid Cottageswww.mermaidcottages.com to rent Old Love cottage.

Happy colors!!!!



Tybee Dreaming said...

I love that "teal" bedspread. Could u tell me where you got it? I have been looking for a spread just like that one, color and all. Thanks. Hoping to get over there for the house tour, anything to help the animals at the shelter is a great cause.

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

It's the wonderful way you integrate the incidentals with colour and 'foundness' which makes these cottages so warm and quirky and appealing Jane! I can't come to the tour, can I just send a donation, in the names of Suscipe and Shibui? Both spayed, and happy for it!

JANET said...

Oh my goodness! this is just adorable! Love that tiny stove!