Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day ..Blue Sky and Sunshine .…Hallelujah !!!!!

I made a fast trip to town and felt like I had crossed the ocean to some magical street in some foreign country when I saw this display at Whole Foods in Savannah.

I  just wanted to drive off in this cool old truck full of flowers  but I thought better of it……
Instead I just took some pictures.  Seeing it just made me so happy.
the truck belong to the owner of the florist

I am a flower freak and a color freak

the magic was everywhere

hydrangeas are my favorite
  I just may make it to spring… Happy Valentines Day!!!!


Art and Sand said...

Thanks for the Valentine "eye" candy.

What is it about an old truck and a bunch of gorgeous flowers that I love so much.

Happy Valentine's Day

Unknown said...

I don't know but it made my heart sing…. Happy Valentines day to you also

Kim said...

Oh so gorgeous! I am so color starved from the barrage of snow this winter! Thanks for the "fix"! :)

Unknown said...

we all definitely need one . it has been awful

Donna-Leigh said...

Beautiful! Thanks for this little burst of spring! Happy Valentine's Day.

Cindi Myers said...

OH! I want that truck!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Gorgeous! And SO FULL of color!!

Reenie said...