Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Week

This is a Bellamy painting from my collection, and to me, it speaks volumes about this holiday . I wanted to share it  with you and to say how thankful I am for my new blog world friends and all the people who make my life so interesting..... My great clients, my wonderful children and my many good friends.
My Dad taught me when I was very young..."Things" are not important, People are!!!! Ironically, I have ended up in the "thing" business.(interior design) and I really do love finding great and wonderful objects . I am all about the "Treasure hunt" for the unique, but more about the people that will enjoy what I discover..
Thanksgiving is a holiday that bothers me a bit. Cooking is not what I do best..probably  it is what I do worst !!! I stress big time when I have to prepare the Thanksgiving meal and organize food.
Living on an island is very special. Oyster dressing is on most every table and the 79 degree weather makes for a great day at the beach. I  feel extremely  blessed ..... Great weather and we have been invited out to Thanksgiving Dinner . HURRAH



Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh I LOVE that painting. I WANT that painting! Beautiful. Where is it hanging?

Perfect Thanksgiving sentiment!

Unknown said...

Linda...It took me OVER 1 hour to figure this out but I added the photo of the wall where "Love Live Eat" hangs. Happy Thanksgiving to you !

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Love the paintings!

Simple Daisy said...

Love it!!!!
I think it pretty much says it all....ok could also say drink:) wine that is!!!!

Lettered Cottage said...


Layla :-)