Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little " Fluffing" is good for the Soul...

I am sharing the preparation for the photo shoot . I love love this house and I hadn't given much thought to doing anything to "fluff" before the shoot.
Amazingly, it was.... adding a thing here and there...moving a rug...adding a throw pillow or two or three or four...... adding some color to the kitchen cabinets(the coral knobs borrowed from my another client)  and painting the pantry screen door the cottage collection color I call "Heaven". .http://janecoslick.myshopify.com/collections/janes-colors

I ordered new knobs for the kitchen but they did not arrive in time .  
I have the original red coral knobsI had used in the powder room so I borrow all Tybee Shutters Cottage kitchen red coral  knobs ..added my own  and we had enough for the shoot .( adding some color to the kitchen for interest)

added some more pillows to the sectional sofa.... a mix of very different types...of pillows

before the red coral knobs

after the red coral knobs were added to cabinets

a little fluffing never hurts....

the original red coral pillows from 2006 when we restored the house ...all the walls and ceilings are 1x6 double beaded board . .. like the old beach houses were made

moved this rug from guest room for a bit more interest (Anthropologie 2006) that lamp is made from an old wallpaper pattern roller
very open floor plan..  into the dining room 

treasure hunting for this room was such fun

I think I am in love with this photograph. I love the dining room the most! Well, maybe the master bedroom and bath..I'll show it to you and a few other rooms in my next post and then well vote.

The clients have moved to Colorado so the house is now for sale.....


Kathi said...

Beautiful! Love the coral knobs. In fact, I love the entire kitchen!
I'm working on my dollhouse kitchen right now and see some wonderful ideas in this one! :D

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Jane, I am in love with this! Those knobs (my heart is literally racing), the slipcovers on your chairs, that FABULOUS chinoiserie bird house (if it does missing, you won't have to look far!), and all the other goodies. How wonderful!

And I just love your blog. Lots and lots of eye candy. I want some of your "cut out" shutters for our St. Augustine retreat. They would be pefect on the kitchen window there. Question is, which ones???

You really have such an eye and a color sense. Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who love things coastal!



carolinagirl said...

Absolutely beautiful!

I would love to order knobs like those for our condo at Oak Island. Would you mind sharing the source?

Thanks so much!

Jane said...

This is a beautiful home! Love those red coral knobs...where can we find them???? I am intrigued with the "wallpaper roller" lamp. Is this one of your creations? If so, will you share the idea?

It's always a treat to visit with you. Your rooms are so inspiring for all of us coast-lovers.
Jane (artfullygraced)

Emily@TheWickerHouse said...

The Coral knobs are cool. I want them as well as the kitchen chairs, and living room pillows for my house. The dinning room is beautiful! can't wait to see more.

AndeM1 said...

Jane...I love your coastal cottage style......we are visiting our favortie beach and the minute I walked into this beautiful beach home...I immediatley began to think....now what would Jane C do with the place to give it some life.......I also about walked away from a local resturant last night with a box of oyster shells.....do you think that I could make my own oyster shell chandy like Anna S did? Do you know how she put the shells on the chandy????? Andrea

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! So fun to follow your decorating and design adventures - thanks for sharing!

beachside cottage

Kayakbanker said...

Lovely...I love red so this was perfect for me!

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Nobody fluffs as well as you Jane - I do love the red coral knobs - you are inspiring me!

Tybee Dreaming said...

I love, love, love those coral knobs. I'm going to paint my cabinets white and those knobs would be perfect. Where did you find them? Around Savannah? Now you know why my user name is Tybee Dreaming because all I can do is dream about living there.

Liberry Lady said...

It was great to see you in your old stomping ground yesterday! I love the blog and posted my "like" to it on Facebook. By the way, I have some china that I display on my cupboard that would go great with the coral knobs. It is retired Fitz and Floyd "Coquille", but I buy it from Ebay and Replacements,Ltd.

Love ya, Diane

Unknown said...

Like most everyone else, I am in LOVE with the coral knobs! Great work! Thanks for sharing.

donna said...

I forgot to ask where the chandelier is from - gorgeous! i'm having an old hutch i found refinished and i'm stuck on what "white" to use. any suggestions anyone?