Monday, July 16, 2012

New Slipcovers for Calypso Cottage....

The new slipcovers will work great in the colorful living room at Calypso Cottage. I love just being at this cottage and I have shared several of the rooms in previous post.( the polka dot picnic table and the old shutters headboard with the orange bird lamps )
There is not very much light in the space so we decided that COLOR would bring in the sunshine. The clients love color and so here goes....A very happy place for Gus, my four legged friend and family pet and happy colors.

The living room..with the new slipcover and throw pillows.

                                                                                        the ottoman is also slip covered
                                                       a bit of animal print

                                                                               Gus's chair which is also slip covered
                              Sophie's room (granddaughter)the guest room  with two great Bellamy paintings
                                the art work in this room is by Blanche Nettles
                                            a bit more animal in the bathroom
                       the dining room with a favorite Bellamy (shrimp cocktail)
                                                      had to snap a shot of what hangs on the hat rack....tee hee!

The grandchildren's dinner table and the greatest Bellamy especially painted for this family!!!!
          it says 
"House should be lived in..dogs should be on sofa's" 

Meet Gus!!!( the slipcover is for him)
the new orange swirl pillows and door curtain!!! the sign say "lets drink about it'
a great name for a fun  and happy cottage
hese clients own Tybee Cottages ..vacation rental homes they rent all size homes and cottages at tybee

TYBEE COTTAGES are the vacation rental agents for some of the cottages I have designed:


polka dot to love it!!!!
                                                 the outside gate to the pool..
                  the window boxes and shutters  (color of the shutters is Rosy Blush by Ben  Moore)


Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Love the blue slipcovered. Is. That your German shepherd? I have one named Lola. Never saw a polka dot bike but love it. Where didnyoubgetnit?

Unknown said...

Gus belongs to the clients

Unknown said...

It is a townie by Electra

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

I love Gus; what a beautiful boy!

Where can I get that pink baseball cap, love it!!!


Unknown said...

They are suppose to be for sale on my on line store but never put them up. They are $25.00 and I can send you a reguest from pay pay until I can get them on the site.

Katy said...

love that sign "Let's drink about it" - I think I need to get one of those. ;)

Unknown said...

I think i need to do it. I think it is a great sign too

Unknown said...

Gus is a great guy. He sits in chairs also

Jim Heflin said...

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for my new slipcovers. I hop up on them every time the owners leave. They are clueless.

Gus The Great

JANET said...

Another great beach house by Jane! I love it. I have a townie bike and I named her Hula Girl.

Unknown said...

December 10th post is the master bedroom with the amazing and colorful surprize bedroom makeover. old shutters and funky lamps and shams....

Jane said...

Love Bellamy's painting! It's so perfect for my home, too. And the window box is inspirational. I'll be grabbing my paints this weekend and redoing the stools on the lanai. Another beautiful Jane Coslick design...

tammy j said...

oh man!
you're the gift that just keeps on giving!!!
i love this cottage!
but i say that about every one of them!
wonder if i need to use one more
exclamation point?
love and hugs,
tammy j

Arabella said...

What a happy & colorful place, Jane. I just love it. The slipcovers look wonderful and are perfect for those of us that love our pets :O)

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Unknown said...

thanks also!!!!!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh how I love the color. That polka dot bike though is my all time favorite accessory.

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading Tim! You really should do one but you know
what don't feel that you have to do a 12 hour or six hour race
to qualify for it. I'd only ever done a six hour race a few
years before. I figured 12 hours I could do 24 was were the real
challenge lay. That was more the unknown. Only one way to find
out about an unknown tim......thats to just do it!
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