Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Small Space That is Large on Fun!!!!

This is a project that I really had fun with. It was a mix of two households that came together in an apartment at the beach.
I kidnapped a Bellamy painting from the client's larger beach house to hang over the sofa and mixed colors ,fabrics, textures with few funky additions.

The electrical is unusual and it is a bit of a problem  because  of codes at the beach in lower spaces. It looks a bit odd but following the building codes at the beach is very important.
Just focus on the wonderful colors!!
Anna was out of school and she helped me.. She had 3  buggies full at Target and 2 at Home goods. She is now Mrs. Anna  Lee and married to a wonderful person.
I am trying my best to help them with their new home plans. I  want them to move to Tybee Island and live on "tybee time" just as I do.
We created this space in a little over a day. ............

I am crazy about orange.....and pink!!

this is a great Bellamy that hung at the client's main beach house.I kidnapped it to hang here because it fits great.. colors and size. The  apartment is 500square feet so the art is "front and center" when the door opens!!!!! 

pink, orange. green and the great tangerine lamps (Target.. Woo Hoo!) 

A mix of prints and a touch of Purple make for some light hearted fun.
men and their boats and their fish......

The photographs of the fishing trips and the great white leather chair with nail heads
A Pottery barn oval dining table  and custom oyster shell candle sticks made from local oysters. The place mats are doubled for extra interest  and the  turquoise dishes  are faux pottery from Target.
I love this....World Market and a yummy turquoise inside

the other bedroom...  a daybed and twin bed.

a pinch of orange....World Market.. the mirrors are from Nadeau.

Jane Coslick Cottage chairs and cottage collection color ......Melon
created an outdoor space.A place to wait for your turn in the out door shower.

the door mat is made from flip flops.. the perfect beach door mat!



Kathi said...

Great colors! I found an inexpensive quilt set at KMart in these colors and have been thinking about painting my bedroom furniture. I like the finish on the daybed and LOVE that purple table! I would have never thought of painting a piece of furniture purple. Amazing! Thanks for sharing where you found your accessories. I WANT that doormat! :D

bmayer said...

I do have a heard time with the placement of the electrical outlets. Why not place the orange bedside lamps on a stack of books so the shade hides the outlet? Or you could go with hard wired swing arm lights that have an additional outlet in the wall mounted base? Love, Love, Love all the bright colors (especially the beach painting with the beach umbrella)

Unknown said...

All great ideas but this was a finished space.all i c
ould do was paint and fill the space with things

Jane said...

I love the colors! Anything with orange appeals to me. As always, I love the's perfect for this cottage.

Ricky Smith said...

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