Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can you have to much Yellow?

I have been working on the cottage and for some reason Yellow has evolved as a major influence. I had the awing stripe outdoor panels but my new fabric ( by p.kaufman ) for the pillow inside was just calling for yellow "cord less" cord.
I went by World Market and found yellow mugs and bowls also just calling my name. I bought them for a photo shoot but decided to make them my own.
the new throw pillow

yellow cordless cord
the out door Sunbrella fabric
I was walking on the beach early in the morning "Inspiration"

World Market tea cup

spooky's hiding place...

See what happened in a day...thanks Mother Nature!!!!

my cherrio's bowl...(.yum yum) and the vintage ice bucket

1970's for sure

inside .. on my new chair
the front bedroom off the porch..

Oh yes...went to the mall and there they were.....

THEY were Definitely calling my name.........
They looked just like a Jane Coslick Cottage and there was that yellow again.....Couldn't resist..Happy Easter to me!!!!!

And Happy Easter to you!!!


Katy said...

yellow is fantastic, I am in love with your ice bucket. and mug. and polka dot ottoman. said...

so happy and cheerful! I covet your sandals! They are divine! Rachael co

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

And a Happy Easter to you Jane, you always make me see the world in a different way ~

AndeM1 said...

Happy Easter to you too Jane ....and you can NEVER have too much yellow!

tammy j said...

your spaces and posts are always so happy!
pure pleasure to visit in your spot of sunshine.
happy easter to you too!
tammy j

Unknown said...

Thank you SO very mu h