Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Visit To the Country....

I went to the country to visit my good friend . She needs my help finding  some great area rugs for her living room and dining room  and some help  creating a wonderful outdoor room by the pond.
 Sometimes a two  hour drive in my Jeep with as good book on tape is like a mini  vacation. It  rejuvenates the spirit and renews the soul.
The Julie Ann Farms and the beautiful lakes  that her Dad built were my destination this day...................
It is a pecan farm that she and her brother now share  It is so beautiful with all its pecan trees and man made lakes used for irrigation . This years crop is getting ...
ready to harvest

how cool to have a farm named after you

I am crazy about this barn!
beautiful farm house

the cute boat house on one of the lakes

the outdoor space serious pondering.. I  LOVE my job!!!!
her talented friend and carpenter made this light

the great bridges to the gazebo  in the middle of one of the lakes

"fairy tale" like... with the water all around with the quite sounds of the night

Its like being on  top of the wedding cake  ..swinging

my friend was a school teacher for years..this was my surprise when I arrived

I love the front door (remind you of anything)

love this (she may need my drum coffee table for her den)

her grandson's room

her Mom's old lamp that she painted red

she loves this gingham check

great grandmother's lamp

pillows made from her father and her Uncle Bill's ties

her pup..I am so missing not having a dog
We had fun together playing "catch up" and now I am off to ponder and shop for rugs .


GoldenValley50 said...

What a gorgeous place! It looks like somewhere from a fairy tale. (sigh);)Sharyne

Stella Jane Clothing said...

Love the pillow made from ties. So glad you were able to get away it does a soul some good to go play for the weekend :)

Vicky said...

Wish I had some of my daddy's ties to make a pillow...great idea. And what a fabulous view! Can't wait to see what you do. Not sure what you are giving away but count me in.

ci said...

that place has something to see at every corner.Absolutely adorable and so homey. Love it!!


The barn and wooden "light pole" are too good. All the thing looks like from fairytale. Wish you a fairy weekend! xoxo
~ Mehul
limestone fireplace