Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Accessories here...YET

Sorry for dropping off the face of the Blogosphere, but I've been busy with a design deadline.

To pick up where we left off...THIS (pictured in the Blog above) is the garage behind the cottage. It's close enough to the cottage to become the "guest room." Right now, it looks like a garage and it feels like a garage, BUT with a little love and the right ACCESSORIES it will expand the areas around the cottage. Eventually it will be at the end of the patio, near the gazebo, down a tiny path. Then the tiny cottage WILL hold all the" friends and family," kind of like a bunk room: simple and kind of like girl scout camp (as I remember it), but with the designer touch.

I design around my clients needs. This is a wonderful, close-knit family, but I can't fit them all in a 780 square-foot cottage. When we finish, they'll be spending time all over the property: on the patio, on the rope swing, in the hanging bed, on the bar stools, sofas, chairs, and in all the nooks and crannies. How cool is that!!!!!


Shar said...

Photo does not show???

Robyn said...

"how cool is that" COOL! THAT'S wht my family vacations were often like as a child. We had a motor home and one time, spontaneously the day after Christmas 13 of us (my cousins and aunts and uncles included) packed in and drove willy nilly from MD to FL. I slept in the bathtub, and LOVED every minute of it!