Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poka Dot Picnic Tables and other Summer Thoughts

Easy and fun, no need for a table cloth

Dream big worry small!!!!!

something fun for one and all....

I love pink, pearls, and people ( they are all so interesting)

Ever thought about painting your picket fence pink?
 A great space to ponder and listen to Jimmy Buffett music...and where is that bartender when you need him?

My clients love color as much as I do..or maybe they love it more.Is that possible?

How many different colors can you count if you were sitting in this chair?

a closer look at all the happy fun colors

If you were lucky enough to live here you would never be in a bad mood.

party lights..... happiness abounds.......


beachcomber said...

love it! so bright and happy.
cheryl x

Jane said...

such fun! I love the polka dot table!!!

LeAnn said...

Color makes the world go round:) The picnic table is just too darn cute.

Seaside Style said...

Happy, Happy, Happy! The picnic table is too cute!

jmac said...

ok. Saturday plans are now made. I WILL have polka dotted chairs by the end of the weekend!!

sara-t said...

Tremendous color yummyness!
Now i am daydreaming about color at the office!
Opps- should i really be reading your blog at the office?
Its fiove oclock somewhere :-)

Simple Home said...

Oh, I love that polka dot table!! You have the best ideas! I'm definitely smiling :)

Minda said...

Can you please tell me what type of ground scape is in the area under the picnic table? It looks like sand, but compressed maybe? Thanks,

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

So cute!! what kind of paint did you use on the picnic table? And did you use polyurethane too? Thx!