Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Favorite Things...

In the design business I get to look at beautiful and interesting things all the time.
 I think that is a GREAT job!
 Oh. it has it's moments, but most of the time it makes me blissfully happy.
When I get to select everything for the project.... I call that " the Dream job".
When I  have to work with the client's own selections that I call the ...."Interesting job"
It is like working a puzzle and when it is all put together .. it is a magical moment.  The client is happy and that makes me very happy.
At the end of every job and every day, I still have my  favorite things that give me incredible pleasure no matter what amazing things I see.

my favorite headboard...

and favorite bed linens
my favorite chair
my favorite bathroom ( because I could take an outdoor shower right thru that french door in the mirror)
the indoor outdoor shower

my favorite porch

my favorite print vintage fabric

My favorite yogurt  store ,, it a Jane Coslick designed yogurt store)

my favorite mix of old and new ..
my favorite mix of color
my favorite shower curtain
my favorite view in the morning

my favorite flower....roses that smell
my favorite pink bike
my favorite artist and my favorite chest ( new  but  copied from old.. the jane coslick cottage collection)
my favorite coffee table made from an old oak dining table.....
my favorite drink.. cucumber water....
my favorite evening view... Aj's sunset view

my favorite escape
my favorite escape ( the other side of the room)
my favorite rocking chair.... if I ever go missing...look right here

Every time I finish a project.. I feel a sense of loss. It is an all consuming  thing and I leave a bit of myself in each and every project. I design as if it were my own home and so it must be comfortable and functional. A happy place with opportunity for making great and wonderful memories. Sitting quite in each room give me the awareness of the space.... in the beginning of the project and at the end....

 Here is a tiny peek..of this amazing project..
  the bunk room


Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love all the coastal colors and decor!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

My favorites too!!

Lisa said...

Hi Jane,
Many of your favorites are mine as well, especially the headboard and linens, it's all so dreamy. I'm going to be in your area next month and would love to meet you if you are available. I will be staying at Maddies on Jones cottage on Tybee starting March 12th. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

call me Lisa while you are here . lookiing forward to meeting you. will try too have maddie's fluffed by your visit.

JANET said...

It would be so hard for me to pick a favorite. Each time you post a new set of pictures I think that is my favorite..until I see the next ones!