Thursday, December 10, 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil

We've been working hard getting ready for a photo shoot here at 99 Steps. A favorite spot especially at night when the year-round Christmas lights, light up bright!


Kathi said...

Very pretty photo. I love 99 Steps Cottage. I just got a tiny little hammock for my beach house dollhouse.
Your cottages are my inspiration!

KM said...

This is a most WONDERFUL spot. When I need to "escape" I seriously look at this image and pretend I am there. You have such a gift!
Kara said...

Hi Jane. I have just discovered you...and your beautiful blog. I discovered you through Coastal Living. I adore your work and have posted about you today. Cheers. Simone

Southern Aspirations said...

Looks great and I LOVE the painting in the back!

Jane said...

Hi Jane
I just discovered your blog through the Polished Pebble...and recognized your work from Coastal Living. Your work is beautiful.

I love the painting in this post. I am a real fan of outsider art. Is this a local find?

Jane (artfully graced)