Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mermaid Manor "After"


Jules said...

How exciting this is the first time in days I actually get to see your post and not that awful sign that says 'post does not exist'! I know it does because I can see the top of it on my blog roll. Very annoying!

Mary Kay Andrews said...

Mermaid Manor is truly enchanting--I know because I'm blessed to be a guest there right this minute!

geri said...

I am loving getting to know you Jane.
You are such a beautiful designer.
You can tell you love the beach, and all that it congers up.
My husband and I are dying to visit Tybee Island very soon.
Seeing all these pics have made me more excited about coming.
I follow Layla @ the lettered cottage and love her style and talents and posts also.
I can't wait to sit with her blog and live vigariuously through her time at Tybee.
Love, Love, Love all you do with color and furnishings to achieve your signature of old cottage charm.
I am now a devoted follower. It only makes 3. hehe
Have a wonderful Monday. geri.

Fawn said...

Wow!!! LOVE IT!!! I love looking at your blog and website you are truly an inspiration.. If you are ever in Alaska, please let me know I would love your help!! :)

Anonymous said...

eeek mermmaid manor!!! I love the name! hugs