Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Janelle Mcculloch Photograph

Remember when Anna and I were frantically preparing for a photo shoot in early summer? Hurrying and scurrying around from cottage to cottage ..madly "Fluffing" and adding a finishing touch here and there. The photographer,Janelle Mccullough, was from Australia and came to Tybee to shoot some of my work for an upcoming book she is writing. She was delightful and so much fun. She stayed at "99 steps" and rode my old beach bike around the island with camera in hand. Here is an example of her talent.She captured the essence of this wonderful "new but feels old" bathroom.

I LOVE Color and I LOVE my job!!!!


Jules said...

Well of course she did! After all she is an Aussie!!!!! I'm sending my daughter to stay in one of your cottages next year when they do their drive across America. She will totally fall in love...hey on second thoughts may be I won't 'cause she might not want to leave and come home!!

Carriage House Antiques said...

Hi Jane
Thanks for sharing this photo,you've helped me decide to go with horizontal planks..I keep thinking I have to go vertical because of the slanted ceilings...can you post more of this room??
thanks :)

Jules said...

Thank you Jane I will pass that information to our London daughter xx