Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sulley the New " Bed Linen inspector"

I am working on a plan to redo my good friend's UGLY guest room . As luck would have it, I ran across a wonderful duvet and shams at Marshall's  in Savannah. I am sooooooooooo in love with this pattern. It has every Jane Coslick color and almot matches her 20 years old slipcovered  plaid chintz sofa that isn't going anywhere!!! Actually, as the new 'yuppie style" resurfaces it will be "in" again.
 My friend loves polka dots and so I went shopping in my closet to add a few things that will be garage sale prices and yet make the dreadful space a Happy Place. I am not kidding I have been waiting years to fluff this room.
My friend lives in Atlanta so I must have everything pulled together before I leave the beach ................

Sulley , the "inside" black cat, has taken it upon himself to inspect everything I am doing. He definitely  agrees and wishes this was going to be in  his room.
I say................."a second opinion never hurts!!!!!!"


Simple Daisy said... cute!! I love the new bed linens:)

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

God bless Marshalls!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I dunno....I think Sulley is a pretty good quality control inspector!!

Emily@TheWickerHouse said...

So Bright and Cheery!

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

I adore that bedding!!! The colors are perfection! Marshalls is the best!

Cute kitty too! :)

Kathi said...

Love the comforter! Kitty seems to approve too. :D