Thursday, September 15, 2011

My latest project...yum yum !!!!

My latest project is so much fun I just had to share it .It isn't complete but I love how it is coming along. I was hired to design a neighborhood yogurt store (in my old neighborhood Isle of Hope).
The client fell in love with 4 my colors and with the vct flooring that I use in many of my cottages. We did a cottage feeling mixed with the retro ice cream parlor lighting and furniture.We added tin awnings over  turquoise benches and old windows with cottage star fish and crab  shutters . It feels friendly and relaxing and the yogurt is absolutely Yummy!  I will take final photos to share with you once the retro swivel bar sools are on place at the counter. for colors and shutters.

3 of the 4 from the Cottage Collection colors

will be on the wall

will hang by the old window (looks into the office)
the turquoise benches are under the window with the shutters.

my color PORCH CEILING BLUE which she also dearly loves...... We put inside of the "Hutch" where the  candy for sale will be displayed.

the benches have backs and are attaced to the wall


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

You had me at the floor! Wonderful fresh mix Jane.

beachcomber said...

what a fun shop, the colours are amazing!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

How fun! love the colors. The lighting is awesome, love the blue pendants

Kathi said...

My three favorite colors! LOVE the floor!

Kayakbanker said...

Who knew you could whisper yogurt stores as well as beck and mountain cottages! Love the colors, especially the limey green, and that floor! We will plan on visiting the shop if it is open in Oct. when we are down...we have never been to Isle of Hope...thinking it was mentioned in Pat Conroy's Beach favorite fiction book ever!

Tiffany said...