Sunday, August 11, 2013

Before's and After's in the Cottage World

I ran across this while looking for a before shot of a cottage in my 7,000 photo insanity.This is Fish Camp Cottage and my home for 8 years.It was a disaster but I loved it even in  it's state of disaster.There was serious magic lurking there and I was drawn to it's soul.
the first photo was the cover of Cottage Living magazine ( the greatly missed magazine)
I matched my favorite blouse to pick the color(which is now part of my cottage color collection

Dana Gallaher photographer
Front AFTER .. the reason for the colors....  the giant bush to the right was a forsythia bush with bright yellow/gold blooms
the cottage was covered with thousands of blue morning glories...It was so beautiful!!!
front yard  BEFORE
front room after
garage AFTER
looking toward the little porch with the best porch living
the  outdoor shower

 I have been working on some (before and afters) at Grayton  Beach and Birmingham Alabama and Tybee Island. I think I will share with you along the way and get your thoughts.

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Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

You are a magician. MAGICIAN I tell ya! I swear, all of those colorful, life-filled, old souls of cottages must just sing at night when the sun goes down.....I wanna hear it!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

You do work Magic Jane, you have the golden touch!!

JANET said...

I love the the classic with a punch of the blue, yellow and white color scheme. The after pictures don't even look like the same cottage. Oh please show us more eye candy! Is that Grayton Beach in Florida? There is a Grayton Beach not to far from my cottage on the Florida panhandle.

jessica said...

Jane, I loved that magazine and article. I tore it out and think I still have it!

tammy j said...

you are medicine.
in so many more ways than one.
you are simply
JOYOUS to watch.
thank you for sharing so generously your creativity in making little homes that are jewels.
love you! xoxo
and ALWAYS am lurking... not always commenting. but always appreciating.

Unknown said...

thanks for the wonderful is located on Tybee Island Ga.

Kathi said...

When will you be in Birmingham?
Where? :D

Unknown said...

I first saw your work in Cottage Living. I fell in love with it. All the white reminded me of my grandmother's sleeping porch. The kitchens put me right at her table, eating cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise on white bread. I live in Michigan where our lakes and beaches are a bit different, but you speak my language.

Dee Farrell