Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Recycled Old Doors Picket Fence

Cottage on the Green gets a fence and a clothes line...
I decided to reuse what was left on the job..for our fence. We need a bit of privacy
for the sleeping porch
great old doors from Tybee 

a mix and DON'T match kind of thing going on here....

Added a detail  to the fence
the beginning
                                                     the new clothes line we added was put to good use right away
                 Maybe a curtain or some old shutters from 99 steps

I am an old door hardware freak!!!!
cant get this great stuff at home depot

                                                                                    looking toward the street

                                                                                 next comes the landscaping

                                                     great original color on this screen door

The big question here is.....paint or no paint.....What do you think?
Sometimes rusty crusty is much..(a fine line) and painting it all one color is a possibility
 We have serious landscaping
to do but it has been to hot for planting......

a clothes line, a picket fence, a screen porch and an ocean breeze.....LIFE IS GOOD



Anonymous said...

That closet is seriously amazing. The whole thing really!

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Picket fences are one of the most popular types homeowners install. They are made with individual slats that have gaps between the pickets and are a couple of inches apart and prevent the fence from blocking the view while looking the same from either side.

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jhon said...

We had a fence of doors, we also covered the dumpster with doors, shutters, vents and scoreboards! It's so fun to use these architectural pieces. They add lots of character to your space and don't have to be permanent!
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