Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sheds, Showers And Other Simple Pleasures....

I have been frozen by the cold and I know I am a wimp compared to all you you who lived in the colder areas. All my plants are dead and the grass is brown and I am seriously depressed. I know how lucky I am to live where I do and I know that before I know it... the bugs and heat with be upon me.
I decide to look at my photos and TRY to find some order in the chaos..(apple class did not make a dent in what I need to learn)
I am sharing happy warmer thougths and pictures that I ran across on my computer today.
Often times the simple things are the best thing....


a shed just waiting for the red geraniums in spring

the outdoor shower made from old Tybee shutters

add some old windows  to a work shed and  a porch and some happy colors and you have a "happy place"

outdoor shower at Paws and Paddles

a tool shed turned into a magic spot....

an old garage turned into a cottage

great hooks for an out door shower

a patio and a bench made fro m and old iron bed with driftwood seat 

a shed with style

the magic of Marabou SHED LOVE!

Luscious Little cottage..shed more SHED LOVE

zinnias and old windows with curtains in a privacy fence

 a great spot for a nap in the "inspiration room"............... Bohemian Cottage
outdoor shower at Palm cottage

my favorite place!!!!

a nice place for a visit

a place for pondering

a warm outdoor shower ( a Richard Leo Johnson photography with styling by Elizabeth Beeler


Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Great spaces

BettyMae said...

Love your inspiration Jane! I stayed in the Cottage on the Green in December and I had 80 degree weather the entire time. It was such a blessing and a dream vacation. I felt rested and pampered when I left there.
Betty Childs in Washington

JANET said...

It is cold here on the panhandle of Florida. We are having a snow day so I am planning spring DIY projects and an outdoor shower is the first item on the list! Your pictures are such an inspiration. But now I want a shed to make into a getaway also! Love,love , love your designs!

Evelyn Kelly said...

Your blog is a stress free zone! I'm not there but dreaming about returning to my cottage you so lovingly put together, Cottage on the Green.
Betty Mae, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. When I'm not there, I'm so happy others else can enjoy it.

Evelyn Kelly said...

Jane, you should have Anna paint a picture of the flower truck.
What she's doing at the charter school is amazing. Tybee is blessed to have the charter school and the charter school is so blessed to have Anna. What great childhood memories this school will make for the lucky students.