Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pillows, Tulips, Art And Spring.....

I have been sick (NOT a good sick person) and so I took a "photo look" around the cottage while I was  recuperating. I was waiting for ONE warm sunny day to appear so I could feel warm sunshine and begin to heal from that.
A friend brought me tulips to cheer me up and they did exactly that!.
Their color made me very happy and once the bad weather broke...I was on the mend....

a few tulips in the bedroom

my new cotton jersey euro shams from Celeadon in Mt. Pleasant ,SC www.celadonathome.com

a punch of color cheers up the soul

cleaned off the table for the tulips!!!!!

my favorite.....my son painted this water color for me from a photograph ..the view from " 99 Steps to the Beach"

something  else from  Celadon. in Mt. Pleasant SC

nothing like a wooden ceiling

my new yellow bike ( promise I did not buy it to match the outdoor panels)
my closet... free of winter coats!

My best friend TRAMP  in his favorite spot on my bed( when I lived on Isle of Hope)

 kitchen pantry door knobs from my on line storewww.janecoslick.myshopify.com

A sure sign of spring  www..tiffaniart.com
Sometimes we are so busy living we forget to live.!!!
I have been so caught up in my current project, I haven't taken time to appreciate my surroundings.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Well *I* sure appreciate your surroundings!! Cottage life...ahhhhh.

Simple Home said...

How I love the beautiful photos on your blog. Your son's painting is wonderful! I hope you recuperate quickly :)

tammy j said...

HAHAH! linda coconut took the words right out of my mouth.
and then blessed mom finished them.
talent obviously runs in your family.
so glad the sun is shining back in your world and in you!