Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Historic Little Cottage That Lives Happy....

A great new magazine, coast to coast style BEACH COTTAGES premier issue is out and features one of the cottage I restored  on Tybee. It has "Seaside inspired decorating, tips and great idea". Take a hard look at  this little place and time you see an historic little run  down place.....Let your you imagination do come creative pondering....... and you can always contact me if you need some help.......The power of positive thinking !!!!

What made the greatest difference was the amount of windows I added  and the white walls..  Most all the color."Came thru the door"!!!!



Kim said...

Lovely! The cover colors are stunning!

tammy j said...

i love how you RESCUE!
it's called

Liberry Lady said...

Love it, Janie! Once more you have proven that old houses are more fun than new ones. I love the white with the splash of colors!

JANET said...

What a happy cottage! Love all the pops of color. I am off to find that magazine tomorrow!

Carolyn OConnor said...

I am in love! This is my idea of a perfect happy place! If you look at my blog ( I paint funky furniture) You would see why I love this so much. What is interesting to me is how much I love love love the white walls. I have lived with White walls (my hubby isn't very adventuresome) and struggled with "if only I could paint some wild colors" . (whine whine)You show perfectly how to make white walls essential. We are selling our "nice" house on the golf course, and I was thinking of an older home, love the cottage style to show off my painted furniture, but wasn't quite sure how to pull it off. You are a God Send at the perfect time in my life! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! So talented with your redo!