Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Visit to Bohemian Cottage

  I enlisted the aid of the owner of Bohemian Cottage, Lisa,  to help me drop off, pick up, hang up, take down, unplug, plug in... and pull together several interesting places. It has been wild..
When I took her home, I got a chance to revisit my old cottage home. We walked in the garden and ponder springtime planting and new ideas for the gazebo.
The chaise that was there needs to be replaced…I thinking hanging swinging chairs…and big fluffy pillows and an ottoman.

I miss you Bohemian…..
a little blue and white magic

the tree with no name….

Lisa said her grandmother called it a snow ball tree.. "that works for me"

I miss you pond BUT not the screaming frogs under my  bedroom window

so many hidden things in the garden

This very old  tired Tybee wicker chair..(looks like I feel today….) I found it on the side of the road  years ago and it has had a great life in the magical Bohemian's garden.

"World Headquarters" needs something new….(I miss you "World Headquarter")

serious pondering spot

Lisa's new flowers I love the color with with "BEACH HOUSE BLUE' from my collection

I love this geraniums  too.

Lisa loves the cottage as much as I do and that makes me very happy…
Thanks for helping today  Lisa…Your a natural….I love how your bike matches your cottage.

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BeachGypsy said...

I love Bohemian Cottage!! I've always loved the beautiful blue color and that "zebra-ish" door!!