Sunday, May 17, 2015

Color And The Simple Laid Back Lifestyle.

Details and a bit of this and that…
I have been working on putting my office back together after a Coastal Living  photo shoot. It happened last week and I still  I can't find the  "taking car of business" things that I need. Therefore I am relaxing with Lance, the office kitty, and reviewing the past 15 years in technicolor ….I am pondering my new projects  while visiting my old ones.
My client are the center of any project.  I work around their  houzz photos, pinterest pages, their magazine articles, their "can't live without" list and the actually sizes of the the rooms and spaces . I try in some cases to keep them from over spending and over buying until we get the basics in place. Tiny space does create limits and EVERYTHING  that goes into a room has an impact…no so much with larger spaces.  The key here is to not overload the room.
In reviewing my photos, I realize none of the spaces have gone out of style or look dated.  They are a mix of "what we had on hand" and what is interesting and unusual that I ran across in my travels.
Then it came to me .. ….What I  create  for them is a  Lifestyle. Some are more formal, more sophisticated , but some are more bohemian, more "rusty crusty" but all definitely in the Island Style.
Some are casually elegant while other are simple and calming. Some are wild and wooly and some are a mix of what the client owns and how I mix it with a few new pieces.
I love it!!! Not many rules apply…. (other that the one I previously mentioned)

my most favorite shutters found a home at the beach...

Happy Island Sunday……………….

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Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh Jane!! How fun...and functional...and FULL of verve!

Polka dot picnic table....skinny dipping in pearls...chair hanging from rope to watch the changing sea. QuintessentialJane! Thanks for that!