Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Morning Warm and Colorful "Ponderings"


It is cold and very windy at the beach today. The sun is warm but the wind on the beach makes for sand in your eyes and a fast exit. Island Life in the winter months are my favorite. Quiet, simple and chilly. More treasures seem to wash up on the beach..or maybe  just less treasure hunters out there at this time of year. Right?

To back track a bit from last August, I will share in pictures, what I have been doing all that time. One of my favorite projects, was Sundew Cottage. This cottage is available as a rental. Please contact Tybee Cottages  for more info. The Jane Coslick custom colors worked out great on this wonderful magical place. Sea Buiscuit and Tybee turquoise and Melon made a bright and cheery statement. The Cottage was featured on the  Cottage tour in December and the homeowner order the most wonderful garland to hang for the tour.

Jane Coslick Cottage colors.
(if you want to know more about my custom cottage colors.. email me at

                                             the colors in a beautiful handmade garland

I am going to share a bench story  (not a beach story)…the life of a designer is not always perfect..but it is never dull.  I expose clients to new ideas, colors, patterns and furniture. Everyone has a "comfort zone" and keeping them from staying to far in that zone is the hard part.  I remind them, "It is not life or is about what makes you happy when you walk thru your door at the end of the day.

                                   Many lives of a BLUE BENCH……………….

mother nature  gives us treasure every day.

The Blue Bench …..  I purchased it for its uniqueness . I added it to a  hall way of a clients house. It was not really functional ( narrow seat) but it added a great punch of color to an otherwise dull  space.  the client wanted to stay totally neutral however, so we took the bench out of her house (My assistant Anna and I were secretly hopping she would not like it so we could have it for our own use.) We used it for My Jane Coslick  Holiday Cottage Tour in December on one of the porches in a wonderful old Tybee Raised Cottage. A true family beach house full of laughter, wet bathing suits, and sandy toes. All the porches are over 12 feet wide and  they surround the side of the amazing and well loved cottage.


bright blue

After styling the house for the tour, the bench once again had no special deserving spot due to a major renovation that was beginning soon at the cottage.  The floors at "99 Steps to the beach" cottage had blue floors so that was not the place for the wonderful bench. (I did not have the heart to repaint it ) the "pondering" began. I was working on converting a client's twin bed room into a queen  bed room. A great painting by Blanche Nettles Powers was the center focus of the room as was a funky hand painted chandelier. In my search for a queen headboard, I happened to stop by  my storage unit looking for a treasure   to use in the room and there sat the funky little bench…Long story short…. It became my headboard of choice!!!


It wasn't the perfect width but  in the over all look of the room.. it had all the interesting elements that I had in mind. PS We took the bottom  part of the bench and put it in game room for the overflow of guest watching a pool tournament .

 Happy Colors.Happy Sunday!!