Saturday, February 4, 2017

Maddie's Seaside Cottage Surprise.........

Maddies Seaside Cottage looks tiny ..feels tiny.. but has a surprise in store when you turn the corner
off the living room. It was a porch with no view(condo's went up behind the little cottage) .  I replaced the 6 old sliding doors ( but kept the original transoms) put wood on the walls and added 2 new atrium door that leads to the fun deck and outdoor shower.

The headboards came from the attic of TS Chu department store. I left the  sale tag on one of the headboards but it got painted blue  by mistake when it got painted.
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I found the fabric for the room at Printer's Alley in Raleigh NC ( one great fabric store) ON SALE  by Brunschwig and Flis   

My inspiration for this room came from the fabric and it lead to a happy but very relaxing space. A great spot for relaxing, watching TV, reading a great book or just looking out the door into the huge pecan tree that gives amazing shade in the summertime.

the "hide out"
the deck and path to the outdoor shower....

Maddie's Seaside Cottage  restoration is the work of so many great carpenters, plumbers ,electricians homeowners and employees of T.S.Chu department store. Anna Lee and I created a feeling of joy , happiness and comfort for the Chu Family. It can be rented on Airbnb Tybee Island. is about 400 steps to the beach .



Connie/FL said...

Love everything as usual but that pink flamingo is adorable.

Jean Tuthill said...

I just love your designs and the colors are to die for What you do with these little cottages is amazing! I love this design! Wish I could visit someday! Glad to see you are posting again.

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I just love your designs and the colors are to die for What you do with these little cottages is amazing! I love this design! Wish I could visit someday! Thanks for sharing!
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