Friday, September 17, 2010

...And More Cottages for fun

Castway Cottage is wonderful and the owners love kitties and much as I do. We had a great time mixing the old and new to make the happiest of cottages. It can be rented through as can several others. When you are ready for a vacation go on line to see what they have. rents several of them also .

The Shrimp is one of my favorites because it was "design on a dime' but turned out fun and full of light. It only had two windows and it was so dark and dreary when my clients purchased it . The first thing I did was buy lots of windows and put them everywhere . Of course, then came the "Great White" white color from the Jane Coslick Color Collection to brighten it up. My website has this cottage on it ,I think.

This is the latest and the most " free spirited". It was a brick house with curved walls built in 1946. I did not really like it at all when I bought it but have fallen head over heels in love with how comfortable and fun it has become. You have seen several interior shots of this cottage in the blog and I promise I will show many more interiors of all of them. Anna 's students are beginning their projects so I must show as many exteriors of the cottages as possible .( My camera fell and it is in the repair shop for two weeks.) I can't wait to go to Anna's classroom and see the cottages they are making out of cardboard. We will definitely share pictures with all of you.


Anonymous said...

Love the way each cottage is different - how did you even dream up the black and white tiger window frames! Perfect with the geraniums.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh what fun, colorful full of life cottages they are! You need your own book, girl!

Anonymous said...

I love the Shrimp Cottage. My dad rented it for 2 months during the winter. That's when I fell in love with your work!