Saturday, September 4, 2010

More images by Richard Johnson ................

Here are more images of the project taken by Richard for Coastal Living Magazine (I have finally learned to load more that one photo on to the blog). The Master Bed Room image is also featured on

I love this outdoor shower shot. I LOVE outdoor showers and try to include one in every project even if they are not at the beach. Something fun and different.

Hanging porch beds!!! They are so popular now......If you are thinking of one, be certain the framing of the porch ceiling will accommodate and support the weight of the bed and the method of hanging is adequate. They are only as comfortable as the mattress and support pillows. I normally use a standard twin and build the bed to fit. This is a nice thick futon mattress but it can not stay out in the damp weather. The fabrics are outdoor fabrics but consideration needs to be given to the material inside the bed. Custom size mattresses are more expensive but if space is an issue,that is the way to go. A great place to take a nap....a good thing to do on Labor Day!!

I had the table made and Chris Walker (the On line store) finished it to look old. It has the 'rusty Crusty' feel but NO wobbling... .

Anna's oyster shell and driftwood chandelier makes this room. See the old sink , it came from the old beach house that sat here and was moved to the left and "re-Muddled". They didn't want anything old from the house...Lucky me and lucky several clients.!!!!

Painted concrete floors by a friend of the clients. this is actually the mud/sand room where everything gets dropped off.

Hope you have a great Labor Day!!!!


Jules said...

It's just beautiful. Clever girl, with your new ability to load more than one pic we expect dozens each time now!!! Well more than two at least!

Simple Daisy said...

Such beautiful eye candy:)
I love each and every space!!!!

Dianne Grover said...

It sure is nice to spend quality time with your family or close friends in a vacation house such as one of the samples shown in this post. The first photos show a house with wooden flooring while the next sample shows a living space with concrete flooring Houston which also looks nice and cozy. These images can provide inspiration for those who are thinking of remodeling their homes. Thanks for sharing!