Monday, June 20, 2011

In LOVE with a table...............

True confessions...This a project I am working on at the moment..
I have gotten to know the clients and they are wonderful!!!!!! What started out as a consultation last year, has turned into great friends who love and appreciate the peaceful yet funky Tybee Island way of life.... and they also are in love with "THE table"!!!
They have owned this duplex for many years.It has an amazing ocean view and they are 100% "beach people".
FYI.....for people who Really love the BEACH... the sand , the surf , and ocean air and ALL the family and friends that always appear for a parking place.. a quick shower before riding back to town ... drop by to say  "Hello" .. and " Yes, we would love to stay for dinner,, thanks you for inviting us".......
It is all good makes for island living and a great night's sleep in clean fresh sheets.. unless of course.... You forgot to put sunscreen on the middle of your back , then  you must sleep on your side and search high and low for the vinegar to take the pain away and smell like Easter egg dye  and seriously peel in a few days.

Here it is ...It WAS a broken down oak dining table with missing leaves and coming unglued. NOT ANY MORE!!!

It just works with Bellamy's beautiful pieces of art and every thing else in the room. see it in person is to love it more

the guest room 's beginnings............

I helped them select soothing colors ( all walls SW1192) and pieces of furniture that reflect a Tybee Island way of life. Laid back "feet on the coffee table".... liquid refreshment and Jimmy Buffett singing to everyone..(.Cd's or 8 track tapes or albums.. or maybe a docking   stations for ipod.... Sirius radio and the things I haven't had time to learn about.)

a close up of "the table"

A room around a "Bellamy"...and a table

Great down throw pillows ( with cordless cord ) to add color and interest to the linen slipcovered sofa's. Did I mention the sofa was orange !!! ( under the slipcovers)

The "drop off " point is now pleasant and organized

shelf was there..added some nature....

I am soooooooooo in love with the table..problem is.. so are the clients.  Yummy coffee table!!!   ( FEET WELCOME)

I made this shot my screen saver... Peaceful beyond words ..  the room has turned out amazing. All the elements of calm.... and a view to die for!!!!!

A peek at Bellamy hanging one of the pieces of the art they commissioned her to paint . Her pieces bring so much life to a room.

The lamp was there and so were the shells collected right at the beach in front of the house... There are still things on the " to do" list but the project is 85% complete.

Guest Room...a work in progress and improving everyday  . There was a red iron day bed in the room..the Pottery barn spring catalogue arrived ..... and we had fabulous time!!!!

Day bed in other bed room .. more Pottery Barn plus Pine Cone hill linen euros ruffles soft and aqua.. a few pieces from Nadeau and presto!!!!

existing dining table... new life... new color... and  fabrics for the chair seats and a $12.00 wooden bowl  and a few starfish thrown in  ( sorry about the towel and the light bulbs but these are working photos)

a knob from my on line store for the new medicine cabinet

T J maxx tiny lanterns that worked great with her crab

A treasure and the perfect thing for above the bed.. clients are thrilled

more bedroom magic
Bellamys commission ( a Tybee dock) and did I mention the table?

I cant believe how it just made the room. The art combined with all the other elements....I was "hoping against hope" they would say "Why did you bring that junky old table in here?" 
TO BE CONTINUED....................... 


LeAnn said...

You are living my dream so I shall live vicariously through you. I love everything beach cottage and your cottages make me drool. I love your use of color and your whimsical pieces. You are magnificent.


AndeM1 said...

Perfection......I absolutely love it all...and the art work is amazing......

Kayakbanker said...

Jane you did it again! Awesome doesn't cover it. You have inspired me to work on our Mountain Home...finding fun ways to remix and move around what we have left after taking things to Tybee. I was missing my butcher block island...didn't realize how much we used it...for cooking as well as entertaining...perfect place for wine and yummies. Anyway after several months of hunting...I pulled off a Jane. Using a white flat top wood desk with two drawers for an now sports new crystal and black pulls, and beautiful black on black granite 12x12 inch tiles...I made sure it was an even size 24 wide and 48 no cutting of the tiles...Mikie put super nice wheels on it so that it can do multiple duty as a buffet in the great room or on the deck! I was watching you closely! Hope to catch up with you in Oct. I told Mike I would love to do it all again...he ran out of the! lol...Connie

clp said...

un bonjour de France...jolie d├ęco

clp said...
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Kathy said...

Hi Jane - LOVE your blog~
Question for you - you said you helped them select the wall color
"I helped them select soothing colors ( all walls SW1192)"

I'm assuming SW is sherwin williams ... when I search the color or look at the color fan I can find no sw1192.. color not found. Is this a sherwin william paint?


P.S. In the early 80's your sister helped me with my home decor on Dutch Island. I always loved your home's on bluff drive, both of them were wonderful.