Monday, February 27, 2012

Love Of Color Runs In The Family................

I attended a family  party near Statesboro Georgia and got a chance to see what my sister had been up to in the renovation of her lake house. Everything was beautiful and I decided to take a few shots of all the wonderful colors, textures and accessories and share with you.
She is an interior design professor at Georgia Southern University and my  assistant, Kristen, was one of her students. (Word on the street is "she is a wonderful teacher and many of her students have gone on to secure great jobs in the design world")
She use to own one of the greatest fabric stores  in Savannah  and is also a talented artist.

the party location.................

what a beautiful spot for a party....................

she has a great colorful collection of pottery

the front hall complete with a grandson's missing shoe

a little bit of color in every corner

beautiful rugs that add so much to the space
Her  "pit group" and bright blue accent table. 

her shell collection is wonderful

a great mix or reds and blues 
the kitchen wall ...what fun

this fabric has all of her the chair

a Bellamy print of the Isle of Hope celebration

a little cheese art......yum yum

a touch of turquoise ..

the rug in the kitchen

.........wanted to take this home with me

but it looks to good in the room.....

party balloons and great food  !!!!

the powder room ..crazy about this entire room

my sister  is a wonderful artist day she will have time to paint!!!!

the queen of the castle

 her friends............
and family
Thanks Trisha..great party!!!!


Kathi said...

Beautiful post! Love all of the touches of color. I am trying to get my daughter to free herself of the neutrals, be brave and add some whimsy to her home. Think I will share this space with her!
Love the last photo of the golden retriever. Looks a lot like my dear sweet Sienna. :D

Simple Daisy said...

What a lovely post!!
I love her home and I love her pups!!! of know i'm a dog kind of a gril:)

Jane said...

Love all the color...and LOVE the dogs!

jmac said...

Oh MY!!! please, oh please tell us where she found those awesome rugs. they are to die for!! I love being able to pull every color of the rainbow from a rug to decorate a room! Those are beautiful!

fourkidsmom said...

And where did you find that great read sofa?

Jeffery McCullough said...

FANTASTIC! I am one of Mrs. Walton's former (and favorite!) students. I saw Tricia a few weeks ago at ASID Student Day at ADAC and we talked about the house. I am so happy to see photos! Thanks for sharing them.
Jeffery McCullough