Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slipcovers Are the Best!!!

I am working on a new project and I will be covering several rather pitiful chairs with wonderful custom made slipcovers. It's a bit like magic when the chairs arrive at the seamstress shabby and worn ...( on their last leg,so to speak) When I return to pick them up it as wonderful as Christmas morning.
There are so many details to add ..fringes ..ruffles..... buttons....the list endless....
Here are a few examples from a few of my projects.........

One of my favorite spots..this chair came from the "Tybee Mall" ( ride down the roads to see what people re- gift)
outdoor fabric on a worn out chaise.....

red linen dining chairs with contrast cordless cord

upholstered Pier One bar I added buttons and  a tu tu (double ruffle)
(photo taken by the amazing Richard Leo Johnson, photographer)

wing chair no skirt

Martha Washington style chair with wooden arm

a "pair" of slipcovers and the chairs underneath dont match!!!

a bench at a dining table

a contrast trim on the bottom of the slipcover

a fun seabiscut(color) linen with a gathered skirt and ties

a dining chair in pre washed bull denim

wing chair with a tailored skirt

a new life and personality for a faded tired old hand me down..It was headed to the dump...look at it now!
an ottoman that did not work as it was upholstered  so I slip covered it!!!!
 God Bless all of the talent slipcover ladies and gentleman!!!
A great profession for someone who wants to have a great business and work from home.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Proliic! God bless slips, and you have created some FABulous ones!!

JANET said...

I have white slips on couch and oversized chair and I love them. Yes a bit of work every few months but I would not go back to "normal" furniture for anything. Love your beautiful slips colors. Oh and also the orange paint on the walls in one of the rooms. You inspire me to break away from boring beige!

Kayakbanker said...

Thanks for including the chaise from Paws and Paddles sunroom! It is my favorite spot to read, blog, and nap. The outdoor fabric has held up great and is very comfy. I have a bad back so I made an additional large pillow for it in the same fabric. Not as professional as your lady but not too bad for a first effort.
Paws and Paddles Vacation Rental Cottage
Tybee Island

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Fun post! I just read that IKEA does loose-fitting slipcovers for their sofas now as well!

Unknown said... the blog and I love my slipcover business. You are inspiring. I am available in Wilmington , NC if you ever need me!

gnash2000 said...

How did you learn to slipcover? Do you pin wrongside of fabric facing you when you work on the chair?

Unknown said...

Are you still making slipcovers?