Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Last Year in Review...

Lance, the office kitty, looks like I feel !!!!!
 It was a busy year ....a few things
Fluffing at Bead Cottage

New Pillows New Ruffles

finding a new home for an old cottage
custom headboard

the Arsley Park house new dining room and bedroom


the  new slip covers

the Coral Cottage project completed

Patton Cottage Renovation ...

sneak peek at bunk room in Patton cottage

new porch Fluff at Bead Cottage

creating the new cottage  color "beachy keen green" for 99steps

my new home in my old cottage
new color in an apartment
new slip covers at Calypso Cottage
new home for  the cottage shutters

last but very important the fund raiser for the Humane Society's low cost spay and neuter clinic.


Vicky said...

It was a busy year--I was here at Tybee regularly for most of it. So glad we are working on my projects together--thanks for all of your good counsel and friendship!

Reenie said...

Love all your pics.... but seeing Lance sprawled out... made me smile :)