Sunday, January 27, 2013

Next Stop Celeadon Home

I always stop in Mt.Pleasant SC. when I take my trip to Charleston.
I love to go to Celadon Home.

so many interesting and unique things

you know I have a " passion for pillows"

great hooks

lamps,, tables, rugs pillows , and furniture

an oyster shell lamp base

glass top with steel

love these chairs

nail head high back

hope my client loves this.. it is very big but dramatic

LOVE this...desk..  I live in 670 square feet so it wont fit...
wonderful children selection

They were also having a sale...Don't you just love a sale?
Always thought I would love to get a van and take a shopping trip to all the fabric stores in the south...Celadon has fabrics you can order .They have large samples of many fabrics at good prices.
I did find some nice stripe outdoor fabrics which I made into pillows for the latest cottage project.
Patton Cottage
Tybee Island


Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Looks like a lovely store! Am heading up to Charleston next week and hope I can stop there too!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Looks have been amassin some great store tours of late!!

Charming Ways of Life said...

I will have to go there someday soon. They have great stuff. Some of it reminds me of The Paris Market in Savannah. I found your blog through my friend Cherry of Cherrys in the Garden and More and joined right up. You have a great blog and of course I love your cottages. I will definitely keep in touch!

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

The sign of a great store like this is that it must be so crowded that you always feel like there is a possible life-changing treasure around the next corner. And there ususally is. Thanks for the tour.