Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bellamy And The New Cottage

 A visit to Bellamy's studio  is always a treat. We are both ADD and go a mile a minute on every creative subject.
This visit I was helping a client select a painting  for her new cottage so I brought a chair and turquoise pillows to help with the decision making. The painting will be the center of the focus and the dining chairs will be these happy yellow cargo chairs.
Love love love!!!!!

decisions decisions decisions.. so many colorful choices!!!!!
I knew which was going to be the perfect one..

what a great dock and river this one is..Love it too!!

One of my personal favorites....but I love them ALL!!!

A place to see them all...from the back of Bellamy's sofa. Her pup is watching everything we do

The decision is made and this painting will be perfect. We will have a ball selecting the other things to go with the yellow dining chairs with turquoise accents
 I can just see it in the dining room of the newly restored cottage.

sunshine and turquoise... a great choice for a new wonderful newly restored  beach cottage

 A SNEAK PEEK at the cottage..
 the view toward the front door.. all open  space

the amazing plumbing contractor is standing in the future dining space 

the great carpenters working on the tiny porch off the bedroom
Beach cottage ...under renovation...

The view as you enter the front door....
Can you tell where the painting will hang?.
The point of focus in the space and the future home of the great Bellamy painting!!!!

I am loving this little cottage and cant wait to see it all come together

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Tybee Dreaming said...

I wish that was my house. I LOVE the bird & fish painting, that is so me.