Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bohemian Cottage,Brown dog, and Bellamy!!!!

What a great day...I visited Bohemian Cottage..dropped by Brown Dog Market and went to Bellamy Murphy's Studio to help a client select a piece of art for her new cottage. 
We call this the throne and it makes me smile when I see it. I have the twin to it at my office and Lance the office kitty has made it his own.
This is my favorite love seat and now it lives at Bohemian
One day I will have it copied and sell them on my store.
Beautiful Simba was visiting and he was having a ball watching the birds
He is a cutie and is long and lanky!
The "Bedroom"a room the size of a bed... the new owner loves the cottage and this is her happy hand waving hello...
Some more of the great late Tony Pandifini  art in the cottage
in the land of cotton....on the glazed chintz painted porch floor
I love the puff balls that her daughter made for the Christmas decorations

Here is great smart Chad again from Brown Dog market.
Try to visit if you can . They have some wonderful things

these chairs were awful and look how wonderful they are now
WOW.. this is great .love the pillows and everything about it
check out the bike chandelier
A Bellamy with a different flair. I have a client this would be the perfect thing!!!
Bellamy  magic
how beautiful
that Chad.. he is amazing
I am lovin' the yellow ( my new bike is yellow)
Chad painted the table ...
next post Bellamy's studio..

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Love it Jane!!! Love that painting with the yellow chair...perfect!