Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jane & Crystal Go Cottage Hopping

Hello friends. It’s me Crystal again. I promise I didn't take Jane's blog away from her. She asked me if wanted to do another guest post and of course, I said yes! So today I’m taking you on a virtual tour of  all the cottages I got to visit back in March this year. Jane was incredibly generous to have spent so much time with me that day. We had a blast and I didn't want the day to end. But first let me rewind a bit and tell how you I met Jane. I started the blog, Olive Rue, in Oct., 2008. This blog was nothing special just a place for me to showcase my photography endeavors, DIY projects, junking trips and anything that inspired me. In March 2009, I discovered Jane’s work and was immediately drawn to her style. You see, like Jane, I’m an old soul too. I’ve always told people I was born before my time. So as I read more about Jane’s biography what I was most impressed with was her active preservation and restoration efforts. I’m thinking to myself…here’s a woman that's truly dedicated to saving Tybee Island’s heritage. As of today she's restored 38. Now friends that was impressive to me.

Long story short, I blogged about her and to my surprise a couple of weeks later she e-mailed. I had planned to get down to Tybee in April, 2009 to meet Jane, but hectic schedules wouldn’t permit. So in March, 2010, an entire year later, I got to meet Jane for the first time. She was just getting her blog started and told me that Olive Rue was the first blog she ever followed. Ahh I was so very touched. So for any of you out there thinking about visiting Tybee, you should definitely go and be sure to  look Jane up while you are there. I know she loves meeting her bloggers. Plus she‘s very down to earth and as sweet as they come. A bit on the crazy side though ;-) Tybee Island is a wonderful place to visit and I know you will love it.

I can't believe Christmas is Saturday. Where did the year go? As I reflect back on the past events of this year, meeting Jane was definitely the highlight. I feel so blessed to have her friendship and it‘s one that I will always cherish. With this thought I wish you the very best for the season and the New Year to come. If you haven’t done so already don’t forget to enter Jane’s giveaway. You can click here to enter. Now let’s get on with the “cottage hopping” virtual tour shall we? Let me preface this by saying the following cottages you are about to see are beach cottage rentals. Jane and I didn't go cottage crashing. Rental info will be available at the bottom of this post.

Castaway Cottage
908 2nd Avenue
Managed by: MermaidCottages.com

401 4th Street  
Managed by: MermaidCottages.com
1213 6th Avenue
Managed by: MermaidCottages.com

205 Jones Ave
Managed by: MermaidCottages.com
1212 Venetian Drive
Managed by: MermaidCottages.com

The Bead Cottage
Managed by: Tybee Cottages

The Breeze Inn
This is the personal home of Author Kathy Trocheck aka Mary Kay Andrews
Managed by: MermaidCottages.com

The Mess Hall
13A Cedarwood Ave
Managed by: MermaidCottages.com

99 Steps Cottage
Jane's personal beach cottage
Managed by: Tybee Cottages

Old Love Cottage
9 N.Lovell AveManaged by: MermaidCottages.com

This one sits right next door to 99 Steps. We didn't get to go in this one because it was rented. 

Bohemian Cottage
Jane's Personal Home
Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed cottage hopping with us. I have so many more photos from all these cottages but I didn't want to over do it. Jane, thank you again for having me as a guest blogger. I hope everyone enjoyed these images  as much as I taking them. 

For more info on these rentals you can contact:



justbeachyontybee said...

Crystal, what a treat is must have been to have a personal tour of Jane's cottages! I rented the Bead cottage one weekend a couple of years ago and the huge screen porch on the side of the house was just incredible. My favorites are Tybee Tides, Palm Cottage, Fish Camp and of course, Amazing Grace. Great post. Thanks.

Kathi said...

I am seriously in LOVE with all of these photos!!!! I'm trying to make some little adirondack chairs for my beach house dollhouse. Your images are SO inspiring! :D

Anonymous said...

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Kathi said...

Just taking a second/third look. :D
I'm inspired to add a screened porch to the front of my dollhouse.
Thanks again for sharing your great photos! I'really AM going to come to Tybee for a visit. Ahhhh, one of these days....

Jackson said...

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