Monday, December 13, 2010

A Visit To Art Class

I visited Anna's art class to see the completed cottages and meet all of the budding artist. It was so much fun.They ask soooooooo many question as Anna put the photos of the cottages that I have done up on the overhead screen.
Questions like ..
How long does it take to fix up a cottage?
Why do I like old doors and windows and old things?
How old am I?
What is my favorite color?
How do I make a hanging bed?
Why do I like to make outdoor showers and take outdoor showers?
In the beginning of the school Anna Talked about what I did, how I did it and showed several photos of different projects.

In the photos of their cottages you will see the impression that my work sparked for  them. I am now inspired by them!!!!
I believe that Anna has planted a seed of preservation and restoration and great things will come from these beautiful little minds. Here are a few of the great projects. More tomorrow.

They wanted my autograph and that made me laugh.
Here are a few of the cottage they built. So wonderful!!!


Anonymous said...

Ahh these are adorable. How sweet of you to go and visit and give them your autograph. You are the best...but isn't that just like you though to always be ducking and dodging cameras. ;-) I got your message this morning and I tried to call you back. Was out running errands. I'm still up if you want to give me a jingle back. I sent you an e-mail too just in case.

Love ya~!

Kathi said...

Oh my! These are just adorable! I can't pick a favorite but the "Tacky Shack" made me laugh! I love "Haley's Cotage" too. They are all great! These kids are so creative!

carolinagirl said...

These are amazing! What a fabulous idea! I love it!

Lila said...

That is so nice of you to go visit those kids. I'm sure you made quite the impression on them. I love their little cottages. Haley's cottage could be my favorite!
Lila Ferraro