Thursday, June 16, 2011

A bit of Fluffing at Palm Cottage

I love Palm Cottage so very much! I got a chance to do a tiny bit of fluffing today and it made me very happy to be back inside. The cottage is 670 square feet of wood and widows and wonderful memories.
 In 1996, I saved it from being torn down. I bought a lot on Tybee and moved the cottage and restored it. I set a personal goal to have on the cover of Coastal Living Magazing. I wanted to "show the world" how important it was to save and restore- NOT TEAR DOWN pieces of our island's history or any island.
I worked so many hours and spent so much  time and so much money bringing it back to life. Often times I doubted my  own did others!
 It made the cover of the magazine  in 2000, but most importantly it opened the eyes of so many to just what great potential there is in old buildings.

Great light filters through all the windows

an old corner medicine cabinet from an old cottage...they wanted to "update" .Lucky me!!!

Still waiting for the recovered cushions and throw pillows.....

The island top is  made from brushed aluminum laminate trimmed in heart of pine from and old beam  It has held up great.

the brackets under the bar are old pieces. This is a view from the front bedroom through  the interior pocket  windows.

wood everywhere and lots of open shelving
Still on the hunt for a headboard!!!!

 new wooded wall
 in the back bedroom walls were 5' tall so I raised the ceiling (roof) 3 feet added working transoms and covered the walls AND ceiling with 1x6 V- groove pine  boards. (lavish expense but sooooo worth it)

Recognize the duvet? ..LOVE all the COLORS in this fabric.It looks just like the cottage. I added a few euros made from poka dot shower curtains from Target.
This old wonderful door was on the outside shed. Made it a wonderful  closet door.
My rule: tiny house..big closet

 A little fun with the HOT pink zebra......and aqua coral lamps
 PS...the cottage can be rented through


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Geeezy Weeezy....I am loving THAT ine tooou make this look so dayum easy!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

...should say...

loving THAT one too! You make this look so dayum easy.


Kathi said...

Lovely fluffing! I love the coral lamp! The duvet and pillows add just the right touch!

beachcomber said... it all!!
cheryl x

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Beautiful! I want to cry everytime an old building is torn down :(


Desert Dreaming said...

Just's so cozy and warm, but bright and happy at the same time. Great job!!!


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Look at your 'windows over windows' in the back bedroom and elsewhere - just imagine the space without them! I bet Palm Cottage loves you right back Jane.

justbeachyontybee said...

The Palm Cottage has always been one of my favorite Jane Coslick cottages. I love the exterior colors and the double screen doors. It's great to see if fluffed. You're an amazing talent.

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Hi Jane,
Palm Cottage is wonderful! Thanks so much for saving these gems...treasures from the past. I'm so happy to find your blog after reading about you at The Lettered Cottage. I visited Savannah and Tybee recently with a friend and we were trying to decide where to stay. I almost emailed Layla to ask how to check cottage availability, but I thought it was probably too late...would be all booked up. Can't wait to go back sometime...hopefully sooner than later. :)
P.S. I visited Isle of Hope for the first time on my recent trip and I was completely smitten. Beautiful place. Here's a link to a post I did about it. I loved the third home down in that post so much, I've made it my wallpaper on my computer. :)
I just remembered, Layla mentioned in a comment that she thought you may have owned one of the homes I showed in that post at some point in the past. Sorry for such a long comment...I get so excited talking about these beautiful old homes.
Oh, here's the post in case you have time to check it out:

PixieMevenara said...

I cannot WAIT until my week at the Palms! I am so excited i could cry, i feel like a beauty queen as I wave to these pictures *sniff* *Sniff*. What a great way to celebrate my big 5-0!