Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anna's Latest Wedding Flowers

I helped Anna with another wedding and it was wonderful.( All I do is pick up and clean up and hand the right flowers requested and take a few photos as the beauty unfolds) I wanted to share the creation from the beginning. It takes months of planning and preparation for any special event. The days leading up to the wedding are so busy . Once the flowers have arrived safely ...have you ever carried a five gallon bucket full of water  and flowers....NO small task ,I can assure you.!!!!
I watch in amazement as the work unfolds. Creating everything from giant arrangements 4 feet by 5 feet wide to small pompadour balls for the flower girls,  bouquets, and bunches of beautiful trailing flowers  attached to a suspended twig mossed platforms. Breathe taking, for certain!!!

table center pieces consisted of Moon Moss, Leonotis roses (copper fall colored rose), white garden roses, antique hydrangea, Eucalyptus Berries and finished off with Camellia foliage.

  waiting to be transported to the  tables.....
bouquets in the making

In this wedding there is a twig arbor outside with the river as a back drop. The same twig detail is repeated in the beautiful hanging arrangements created on a pulley system.

                               work in progress......

My favorite thing ..the wedding arbor (complete with grandmothers antique table cloth).

Beautiful "Garden Roses" So Fragrant!

A beautiful place for a wedding..the dogs were even having  good time


inside the tent

close up of the pulley system for the platform ( antique pulley belonged to the father of the bride's grandfather

It was such a special day..even the mother of the bride "stopped to smell the roses"


Kathi said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these photos! Best wishes to the bride and groom!

Laura said...

Anna your arrangements look amazing! Very proud of my talented cousin! Please teach me: )! <3 your 'lil' cousin Laura

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

STUNNING! Those upside down rose and plants were out of this world!! Talent talent talent!

It would send any bride and groom into perpetual peace and happiness. yep.

John david said...

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Diego Forguson said...

Very nice flowers all around, looks very nice.

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