Saturday, November 26, 2011

Update: A Colorful Cottage .......

A few unique qualities in the colorful cottage makes for creative design ..

A Murphy bed is located behind the crab painting) for extra sleeping space... this is a small sitting area with so many book cases to fill.......
The small study is off the main foyer so sleeping there is a bit like sleeping the hall! I think that once the bookcases have lots books and accessories like shells and photograph it will be a great space..and the bed is extremely comfortable.
The chairs will have to move away so the bed can drop down and sweet dreams can begin.....................

 Fun fabrics for the recycled club chairs and throw pillows........... .a crab painting by Chris Walker. The painting is attached to the wall which is the base of the bed.... so when the bed is down the painting is safe.

The colors in the fabric for the throw pillows coordinate with the clients love for the pinky orange and turquoise of the front door and exterior benches.
 These are   " bargain loving" clients so we have had a great time turning her great deals into great rooms.

                             Sorry about the table in the foyer and the things on the hutch  but this is an "under construction space".
The end tables actually go in the bedroom up stairs. They were brown and pitiful but with a coat of white paint will look amazing in the small periwinkle and green bedroom. The painters did a wonderful job giving new life to old and odd pieces of furniture. They were so pleasant to work with and did not mind all the colors we picked for all the pieces. Most painters hate to see me coming because they know what is in store...lots of color and lots of cleaning out the paint brush.

"stole" the "Bellamy" from their home in Savannah for the master bedroom

 The dining room is turning out great and once the window seats are covered and a few pieces of furniture are tweaked it will be ready for renters and happy people.
soft aqua bamboo lattice fabric for dining  wing chairs and window seat cushions..beautiful slip covers that can be washed.................

for the kitchen and  great room ,turquoise zebra with touches of red to tie the new/old  red coral chandelier and red/turquoise bar stools.

the mix of red and turquoise

The newly purchased vintage red coral chandelier. We are adding a few things to it and changing a few things and then it will be the high light of the kitchen area.

the fun red and turquoise swivel bar stools (world market with the Coslick touch!!!)
 In the right hand corner of this photo are two bamboo chairs that were left here. We painted them red and are covering the seats with turquoise zebra fabric. It is actually outdoor fabric so should hold up well against sticky fingers and sandy bathing suits.

Bring on the accessories!!!!The clients have had a ball shopping and hopefully when their busy lives slow down a bit they will have time "to chill" at this happy place.

a dining room with a view!

The wing chairs were from the 80's but made quite a statement at the wonderful (and oh so heavy ) oval dinning table.

the chippendale dining chairs got a coat of paint to cover the gold wash that was to formal for the space.
 A mix of old and new....modern and and funky..
We definitely don't want to be taken to seriously....It's the beach!!!!!

.......mirror mirror on the wall  who's the fairest of them all?
A fun table from the clients home in Savannah and a dark brown mirror painted the client's favorite color..
......................or ONE of them..................................................
Using what they owned and what they purchased.. makes for fun, funky, light hearted interiors...... Light hearted with the ocean at your door.....
A" No Stress Zone" for certain!!!!!!!


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I love seeing your work 'in process' Jane! The transformation at the end is so complete sometimes I can't get a grasp on it. I giggle at the thought of painters hiding their brushes in terror of your colors~

Jane said...

Jane - I love the turquoise zebra fabric...and the yellow/white chevron slipcovers. Thank you for sharing your work in progress. It's inspirational...

jmac said...

Perfecection once again in turquoise!!! Where did you find those colored magnetic chip clips?
I'm needed old looking clothespins for a bebe shower and I think those would work perfectly!! Can ya help me??? By next weekend??
Plz ma'am!!!!!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Love all the fabric you used. The dinning room chairs look amazing. So glad I found your blog

Kayakbanker said...

Love it all...especially the zebra fabric and the red coral fixture. Looks like you are staying busy through the holidays! A good thing in this economy.

Paws is rented during the Christmas/NewYear holidays so If we don't catch up before...Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Connie & Mike