Friday, November 18, 2011

Gifts from the Sea... The Shell Shop... and My Mom

I am reminded of the use of shells in design when I see the shells that visitors have collected from the beach and then don't take home when they leave.  My great aunt taught me at a very young age the beauty of silver charm bracelets and shells from the beach! She gave me my first shell and my first charm for my silver charm bracelet.
. I had a shell collection as a girl scout and have  alway picked up shells and rocks and stones along the way of life. My guest used to write me crazy messages on the shells when they visited my cottage.

As I begin the restoration of my cottage, I am running across so many shells that the renter left here. Should I take them back to the beach? I am a girl about nature and a girl  about design so I will share some of the ways the shells  that we find can make our lives more beautiful...
Your favorite bowl or plate or vase or whatever makes you happy..BEGIN THERE..................

I have collected shells all of my life and have inherited some from   my Mom.

this spaghetti coral she found on a beach somewhere

these shells came from an island near by...............

these all came from Habersham Antique Gallery and Horse pen creek on Tybee

a vintage souvenir from the 1930's

more shells from our collections. ....her suitcases were always full of rocks or shells she found in her travels

these belong to my friend and client who's project will be featured in an upcoming Coastal Living story

found objects and a vintage light and a beautiful old jug from a near by farm

simple white and peaceful

gifts from the sea by way of the shell shop at T.S Chu's on Tybee Island

these vintage shells have a small pump and water flowing thru...very unique and a great use of an antique world globe stand...from Wren's Nest cottage...........

straight from the ocean to this wooden mauve(OMG) bowl. I can still see the notes written on some of the shells by my firends and family.. will begin that again when I move back in.............

sunlight  and star fish on a window sills in winter to warm the soul.........
OK.... Your turn to share your treasures.!!!!!


Jane said...

I'm the same Jane. I have a big shell collection, some in display jars, some in bowls, here, there and everywhere! There are even piles of shells on the front stairs to our home. They evoke happies memories of times spent on the beach with family. have a happy weekend. Your new/old place is looking great. Jane x

tammy j said...

i live on the land locked prairie. where the only waves are waves of wheat.
i lived near the sea as a child though and will always love it... and one day will go back to it.
i just want to say, since it's almost thanksgiving, especially, that i have read all your archives and dearly love your blog.
you have such a gift.
i'm a minimalist at heart, but i love the happiness of your cottages with their bright colors and open airiness.
thank you for sharing it with all of us. to keep a continual blog is work, i know. and we (at least i) am so appreciative!!!
thanks again.
tammy j

Tybee Dreaming said...

I don't get out to Tybee enough, that when I do I load up on shells and other goodies I find on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Simple and lovely!

Thanks for sharing -

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sand and Sea

red ticking said...

i love them... so much.... happy to have found you..
xx pam

prince snow farm said...

So glad to find your blog. Touched by your shell post. I also decorate with bowls of shells everywhere. I have a small bird's nest filled with shells. My dad brought them back from Guam in the 1950's when he served in the military. This may have to be a post!

Please stop by.

Leo said...

Love the spaghetti coral!! So pretty.