Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gonga's Cottage......Featured in Coastal Living Magazine

The September issue of Coastal Living Magazine features a special little cottage with very big style. The family loves nautical things and the colors of red and blue.They have been collecting wonderful things for years and were willing to share  all their treasures with us during the photo shoot.
The exterior of the cottage is as great from the front as it is from the back.The porches are so livable and every nook holds a piece of their collection. The cottage is part of the family compound on Whitmarsh Island 15 minutes from Savannah on  beautiful  Richardson Creek. They love the water and boating and they all took part in all phases of the project.
Here are a few of the exterior photos that I took of Gonga's Cottage

       The front of the cottage with the picket fence and arbor.

 The beautiful wavy glass original window by the front door

 The back door on to the screen porch.................( you can see all the way thru the cottage)

the back yard and the guest cottage

the starfish shutters that operate .. I made this photograph my screen saver!!!

the porch is original and is the perfect place to sit and drink your coffee in the morning AND your wine at night.

a nautical candle holder made from an old brass propeller

red ,white  and blue sunbrella cushions with Linda favorite antique chest

Gonga's Cottage

Gonga's swing ....but everybody loves to swing

the antique brick patio was added as was the back screen porch.

The family has a shop with great things like shells and nautical things and one of a kind items for sale. I suggested they call it LINDA' LEFTOVERS  because when you move into a tiny cottage you have so many things that wont fit.
The shop is located inside THE RUG SHOPPE( their family business) 1690 President Street Savannah Ga. 912 232-1894

the walk way to the dock

every single side of the cottage is beautiful..complete with window boxes and a custom picket fence

tomorrows post .. inside magic of this cottage



Kathi said...

My issue of Coastal Living arrived today. I was excited to see they did a "little" feature on one of your cottages. They could have done a MUCH better job! Thanks for sharing what this house REALLY looks like!
I mean, they didn't even show your famous shutters! Shame on them!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much..... "whats wrong with those people" They are the same people that got rid of Cottage Living Magazine. I am ,however. delighted that they did a story and that the precious little cottage could shine. Tomorrow I will post about the TLC that brought the cottage back to life and that Linda got her wonderful little nest . it is a great place for the family to gather and laugh and have fun even thought they have a large home.. Something to be said for tiny.. right ? YOU know what I mean!!!

Scandi Coast Home said...

Hi Jane,
A really lovely summery home......
I could live there ;o)
Tania xx

JANET said...

I received my issue of Coastal Living today also. While flipping thru the pages I saw the cottage and it is adorable. Even before I read the article I thought it looked like a Jane cottage! So cute. I would have loved for them to have more pictures. So thanks for giving us more eye candy to enjoy.

AndeM1 said...

I agree.....I enjoyed your pictures so much! What a slice of heaven......

The Silver Bunny said...

Ijust love that combination of red, white and blue !

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

Saw the spread when my much anticipated issue arrived on Saturday. I thought, "Oh, I know her" which isn't exactly true, but let's pretend.

Such an enviable home ~

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