Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcome inside Gonga's Cottage Kitchen...

A kitchen does not have to be large to be functional. This cottage kitchen can serve the best macaroni and cheese and family favorites even though it is not large.
Here, when you are in the kitchen, you are not away from the fun you are still front and center ! I love the collection of red and white that has been in the family for years.
Great light from beautiful windows and soft white linen panel that filter the sun shine ever so softly....

fruit off the tree and treasure from years past made the space pop with color

the fruit trees on the property supplied the accents for the shoot

the pantry with chicken wire and shell knobs from my on line store,

I love tiny windows.. with special family photos above
added an antique corbel for support of the counter top.

the kitchen is divided with a bar made of the old wood from the walls..
" now WHEN  is that macaroni and cheese going to be ready?"

Simple and interesting and Home Sweet Home!!



Scandi Coast Home said...

I really really love the vibe of this space as well as the look......
It's just so beautiful.
Have a great day Jane,
Tania xx

Donna said...

Very cute and cottagey. Thanks for the pics.

AndeM1 said...

What a beautiful kitchen....I would love to cook....anything in that kitchen!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

super cute love the wood on the bar, and the red accessories

BeachGypsy said...

What a sweet little place! Love it! I think my Ma-Maw had a pan like that one on the stove---white enamel with red handle and trim. Dont see those around anymore! Another great post---love looking at the cottges!