Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Few Tour Photos...........

Spooky says "Thanks from the animals"( at 99Steps to the beach, my cottage but isnt wasnt on the tour)

Thank You , Thank you. Thank you to everyone who helped  with the tour. It takes a village for certain. My friends came out in force to help prepare, even a stranger came into the picture to lend a hand (thinking my parents sent her).

The perfect  island holiday wreath..by Sarah Meighen at the  Crarbaritaville Cottage
Nora's Cottage 

Key Lime Parrot

Splash Shack cottage shells and tinsel

Nora's Cottage

Crabaritaville Cottage (tiny pineapple)
Castaway Cottage

Bead cottage

Splash Shack Cottage

Crabaritaville Cottage tree...Sarah is very talented

                                                                              Beach towel for a tree skirt...works ?

Nora's Natural and turquoise shell wreath

Key Lime Parrot cottage  colors

Tybee Tides cottage view

Castaway Cottage

Nora's cottage a cottage shutter headboard from my the Jane CoslickCottage Collection

Key Lime Parott

Keylime Parott

Key Lime Cottage
Bead Cottage

Shrimp Cottage

Tybee Tides Cottage

Nora's Cottage
 I think this says it all....simple, colorful and peaceful.. 

Happy Colors.. Happy Holidays...
We raised $12,000.00  for the low cost  spay  and neuter clinic.It was a BEAUTIFUL day and everyone had sooooooooo much fun.


Unknown said...

ugggh I SO wanted to make it down there for the tour - maybe next time! everything looks so sweet. Love that pink Christmas tree!!

JANET said...

Now I am ready for a coastal Christmas! This got me in the mood. I am so happy you raised so much money for the clinic. I am coming to the tour next year no matter what! The homes are so stinkin cute! I just may have to use a beach towel for a tree skirt!

Unknown said...

It makes a great tree skirt.....and it made the pink tree so happy...now we are waiting for Santa to put out the presents

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Gorgeous!!! All of it! So many clever, clever ideas in one spot! SO happy for you and your furbabies!!